Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

Hey, all. Suze here. It’s Thursday approaching Labor Day, and in my corner of the world, at least, that means it’s almost Back to School time.

I should let you know that the teenaged Crown Prince of Hardydom asked me just a few minutes ago, over dinner: “So, Mom, what are you writing your blog about this week?” When I told him, he looked at me incredulously, wagged a French fry in my face, and proceeded to harangue me. The conversation went something like this:

CP of H: Can’t you write about something more interesting than that? Everybody will be writing about Back to School.

Suze:  Well, no one on this blog has written about it yet.

CP of H: But it’s so boring. Mom, if you write about that, the other bloggers will vote you off the blog island.

I certainly hope it doesn’t come to that!

No matter how far out of formal schooling we find ourselves, I’d bet money that most of still operate mentally on a public school schedule. Once Labor Day rolls around, I always feel a little thrill of excitement.  Crisp white notebook paper, pristine and full of potential. Fresh bright yellow number two pencils (don’t make any stray marks!) and long curls of wood shavings in a sharpener. Of course, I don’t use these things anymore now that I work exclusively on a computer, but the memories are strong. It’s time to quit screwing around and get down to business — finish up old projects, start new projects, make lists and plans. And of course there’s “school” shopping (BONUS–I just scored a pile of Land’s End preppy clothes on clearance!). There’s nothing like some new duds at the start of a season to give the ole spirits a lift.

I’ve been working on a To-Do List that’s growing by the day–and I’ve even checked a few things off it already!

It also doesn’t hurt that fall is my favorite time of the year. I love the cooler weather and the colors, scents and sounds of September and October.

How about you? Do you feel a burst of energy and anticipation at the beginning of autumn? Or are you sad to see the summer end? What projects have you got planned for the next couple of months?

Oh, and if they do vote me off the blog island and snuff out my torch, thanks for the memories!


15 thoughts on “Get Back to Where You Once Belonged”

  1. Suze, great question. It just so happens, that I love summer and hate to see it go . . . but, I do love the anticipation of the world working in the beautiful beat of fall. Watching those kids catching the school bus, excited with the next stage of their lives, the newness of friends, clean pages, technology. Seeing them all taller and tan from their play in the sun. The gorgeous blue sky against the colors of the orange and reds of the tall trees. Our trip to Portugal is coming up, and what a wonderful time of the year. Give your crown prince my best blessings and ask him to write a blog to offset his imagination. Maybe even outdo his mother. What do you think Suze? Does he have an alias, by the way?

    1. Sorry I’m so late getting back to everyone today, but I’m on vacation. I knew you’d be a summer girl, Gail! Have a lovely time in Portugal–a place I’ve always wanted to visit. And yes, I’ve invited the Crown Prince to blog, but at this point he is all talk and no write:)

  2. September always energizes me. I love the fall weather here in New England, though it is inherently bittersweet with the coming of winter. It’s definitely back to business and time to get focused on projects. I made an interesting observation yesterday when I realized I habitually start chewing my cuticles in September. Disgusting habit, I know! But I don’t do it all summer. I used to think I did it more in winter because of how dry my hands get, but now I think there is something deeper at work perhaps. A little school time anxiety, maybe? I think maybe shopping could help. Great suggestion!

    1. I always feel more energetic come September too! I think it’s because I really, really, really don’t like the heat, and I know September means comfortable weather is here. Hmmm, I have no idea what your September habit means — bears thinking about. Shop on!

  3. Sorry…I’m doing this on my phone, and for some reason it posted. So weird.

    In any case, I always start new projects in the fall, probably because I equate it with the start of the school year. However, where I live, we’re year round, and we’ve been back in school now for five weeks.

    I wonder when my children will think it’s time to tackle new projects?

    1. Really? Year round school? What part of the country is that, Meggan? How does it work? Shorter days and longer vacations, maybe? I start new projects in the fall too. The school ethic is just too deeply ingrained.

      1. Hi there,

        The same number of days and the bell schedule is the same (students go from 9:00-3:15). There are several schedules in my district (west coast); the one we’re on is a 60/20… So we go for 60 days and then we’re off for 20.

        But I think we’re going to a more traditional schedule next year, with a week off between trimesters, then a longer summer.

        I might miss year round though… I like having November off! (Best time to go to Disneyland–no one is there but us!)

      2. That’s really interesting. How do the kids feel about it? Or is that all they’ve ever known?

  4. I love the fall. That’s when my kids were born and when I got married. And you know, I still base my time on the school calendar. I have a lot of teachers in my family so it comes as second nature. I also think, living in New England nearly my entire life, that I am so atuned to the weather dictating how I think about my time. When I went to college in DC, the weather was so different – 60 degrees in December, leaves on the trees in November that it messed me up my first year there!

  5. September! Scoff. I’ve been back to school for two weeks now. It feels very wrong to go back to school in August. It’s hot. The kids are miserable. Most of them have gone from doing nothing all day to having to stay in school till 3:30. Things don’t really get normal until November. That’s when things get fun in school.

  6. Fall has always been my favorite time of year, maybe because I don’t like summer heat. More likely because I loved school so much that I got to go a year early. I write year ’round now and start new projects all the time, but in the fall, I still want new writing stuff that I don’t need (paper, pencils, etc). I do need an ink cartridge and paper though so I guess I can go to Office Depot and buy school supplies! When the kids need anything they just “shop” in my home office.

    1. I’m with you, Dehelen! I don’t like the heat either. I plan to retire in Maine, not Florida! Oh, office supply stores. I adore them. Sometimes I go in even if I don’t need anything, just to be surrounded by all the fun things. Colorful paperclips! Notebooks! Cool gel pens! Cute flash drives! Playing with the Kindle Fire and the Nook Color! Too much fun 🙂

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