“The Call”

Hello all! Katy Lee here. This is sort of a repost. Because of a certain phone call I received this week, I thought a follow-up was in order. <Grin>

So anyway, when I started this writing venture a couple years ago and joined the amazing Scribes, I posed the question for all you hard-working writers out there.

What if a publisher called you right now and offered you a book contract?

Are you ready for your success? Or does the thought tie your stomach up in knots? Do you have doubts in your ability to meet your contract needs, thinking maybe you just got lucky and the first book might have been a fluke? Do you start to turn a little green when someone mentions the word marketing? Do you even worry yourself to the point you stop writing?

If you answered yes to any of these, do not worry. It is perfectly normal to fear the unknown, and until we get there, success IS the unknown. But there is a simple cure for what ails you, and it really is no big secret. It is the same remedy that enabled you to sit down and type page one in the first place.

The reason we fear success is because we don’t really know what it looks like just yet. We don’t have a visual in our minds to go to. Before we started writing, the idea of sitting down and finishing a manuscript fell into the category of the unknown, but we would just conjure up an image of what our book cover might look like, and we were then able to type on. For those of you who reached the completed manuscript stage, editing and submitting seemed daunting, but you bought a resource book like The Writer’s Market, learned what this next step looked like and it all worked out.

You created a visual for each step of your process. You didn’t wish on any stars…or maybe just a few, but even if you did, wishes did not get you this far.

It was your ability to imagine.

The Unlocked Secret: The human mind gives you power over your fears. Define what success looks like for you, give it an image in your mind, and it will no longer be the unknown. When those inner doubts hit, all you’ll need to do is pull up your “success” visual and take back the power to push on.

So, what kind of visuals have worked for you? Or are you still struggling with those fears?

And as for that phone call….It came! I am now a Harlequin author! But I have to admit, all those symptoms I mentioned above came flooding in. I had to reread my own advice from this post here to remind me to start imagining again. I can do this!

And if you want to read about “The Call” please check out my warm welcome from Harlequin here: http://community.harlequin.com/showthread.php/674-NEW-SALE!!!-Katy-Lee-sold-to-LOVE-INSPIRED-SUSPENSE!!!?p=22481#post22481


26 thoughts on ““The Call””

  1. Katy, what a great post. I am so glad I am not in one of those intimidating positions. I am still struggling with writing those other 50,000 words. But, I am so glad you have your happening, being a Harlequin author. I am thrilled for you. Now the work begins. Marketing. ugh. Networking, singing your song of selling that book. Blessings, in all ways.

  2. Congratulations! And, thank you, thank you, thank you. Needed this help with visualizing success.

    My grandchildren–now 20, 18, and 16–have all been homeschooled, and they are fabulous! The oldest, Chelsea Rose, is a junior at the University of St. Joseph in West Hartford, Religious Studies and Dance are her majors. She is assistant to the Youth Minister at their Congregational Church in Deep River. Viktoria studies theater and singing, and just finished her first equity role, in Oliver!, at the Ivoryton Playhouse. They are both international figure skaters. Christopher excels at three sports, and is in Chorus! Hurray for homeschooling!

    Best of luck with the rest of your journey …

    1. My daughter loves that they are figure skaters. 🙂 I take her skating every week. She loves it. And an EQUITY role? THAT’s huge! Homeschooling definitely allows the kids to try lots of things, but I think because they are in charge of their education, they really understand what it means to master something and succeed.

      And watching their mom go after her dreams is a lesson all in itself.

      1. Absolutely! Talk about moms going after their dreams, their mom, Andrea, just opened her very own boutique, My Fair Lady, in Deep River. They all participated in getting it ready to open on time. If you’re interested, I’d be glad to talk to you about the homeschooling thing in upcoming years. Andrea actually succeeded in getting both girls into Valley Regional high school in their senior year so they could graduate with their friends. It worked out so well! What to me is most enjoyable is that they are their own persons, having opinions about everything, but without being opinionated.
        They are very autonomous and self-directed in their actions.

        Being in charge of their education, having choices, with parental guidance, of course, has really given them a sense of being in charge of their lives.

        Good luck to you and your family; this is an amazing journey for all of you!

      1. #1kid, if you’re interested, stop by Champions Skating in Cromwell. Chelsea Rose will give you a lesson. Same offer for #2 kid, and your famous mom! CR is national figureskating champion of Hungary, but American-born, and lives in Deep River, CT. I know I’m bragging, but it’s a grammie-thing, so please excuse. Glad you enjoy skating!

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