The Odd Crush

We can’t explain attraction. I’m sure scientist have some sort of weird hormonal/biological/ sociological explanation as to why people are attracted to one another. But I think it simply can’t be explained. How many people do you know that are with someone you would have never picked for them in a million years? There are some couples that you look at and wonder, “How the hell did those two hook up?”

And that’s because love/ lust/ attraction is one of those phenomenons that I will never understand. Some very nice guys stay single for years while some jerks seem to have women falling all over them. Maybe that’s one of the reasons we love romance novels. They try to put that unexplainable thing called love into words. They take two people, who on the surface seem all wrong for each other, and make them right. They allow us to fall in love right along with them each time we open the pages of their books.

My favorite trope in a romance novel is beauty and the beast. Or as I like to call it, the unexpected attraction. Usually the heroes and heroines in these books are GORGEOUS and smart and in shape. And it’s easy to see why somebody would fall in love with them but I seem to be a sucker for a damaged hero and a plain Jane heroine. I feel like their love is some how deeper.

Which brings me back to this whole attraction thing. I think we’ve all have had the hots for someone unexpected, someone for one reason or another that you wouldn’t normally like. And sometimes it’s jarring. Some of us even end up marrying the person we never would have spared a second glance.

I’m going to out myself on two of my semi odd attractions.

1. Cory Booker. He’s the mayor of Newark, New Jersey.  There are two major things

He actually shovels out his snowed in residents. Sigh… dreamy, dreamy, dreamy.

wrong with that. Number one. He’s from New Jersey. Shudder. (Me and Jersey have issues I don’t want to get in to right now.) Number two. He’s a mayor. Mayor=Politician. Politician usually equals full of crap. But after watching an interview  Oprah did with Mayor Booker, I’m afraid I’ve fallen a little bit in love. He’s super smart. Stanford University. Oxford. Yale. Smart= Super sexy in my book.  Plus he cares. He’s taken a city that many would have let die long ago and breathed life into it. He rushed into a burning building to save his neighbor. He loves his mama. Sigh… So dreamy.

2. Christopher Meloni. Actor from Law and Order SVU. Even back when he played that crazy raping, murdering psycho on OZ I was intrigued with him but when he became Detective Elliot Stabler I went from intrigued to in love. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the intensity of his character or the fact that he made me believe that he cared deeply about each one of the victims he was sworn to protect, but that man just does it for me.

Now what about you? Anybody you secretly find attractive? Who just does it for you? Know any couples that you would have never put together? Any and all comments are welcome! 


13 thoughts on “The Odd Crush”

  1. Ed Harris. I love that guy! He’s not really handsome, but he has that…thing…going on. He’s been my crush since The Right Stuff. And there was this movie where he plays a psycho killer with a Southern drawl and says to the detective, “Seek…and ye shall find,” and it was utterly terrifying and weirdly attractive thing going on.

  2. LOVE Christopher Meloni, He’s got that rugged intensity with a sensitive, compassionate side that I love to see in a hero (even if one might mistake his emotional intensity for an anger management issue). My secret–or not so secret–odd crush is Anderson Cooper. He’s not usually my “type,” being that he’s 1) gay (I love lots of gay men for reasons I won’t begin to analyze) 2) he doesn’t appear to be chiseled or athletic (though he’s no slouch in the looks department), and 3) he’s very much an intellectual (which can sometimes come across as snobbish in some men). Totally not him! He’s smart, compassionate, strong, funny (when not reporting on tragic events in the Middle East), and he has that silver fox thing going on that I find very appealing. When my husband asked if he should let his hair go gray, I said, “Hell yeah, baby!” He’s got a great head of hair that man of mine.

  3. David Letterman haunted my dreams for years but that fire died quickly (thank God) after going to a taping of his show. He came off as an arrogant prat with no interest interacting with his actual audience but I dig the older guys. Richard Jenkins currently reigns the older gent category – watch him in Step Brothers and that comedic wit shines through. .
    Another – & you’ve heard me say it – little people. Hello, Shorty Rossi! What he does for pitbulls is admirable and his no-nonsense, take no **** from nobody attitude – love it.
    Finally, if a guy is really smart (aka: Cory Booker, nice call, Jamie!) all bets are off. Arrogance? You kinda expect it. Missing some teeth? Whatever.
    Intelligence is the biggest turn-on of all.

    1. Letterman? Really? I always thought he was an arrogant ass. But as for older guys I always though Christopher Plummer (Captin Von Trapp) was pretty damn sexy. Even in his later years he’s still pretty cute.

  4. I’m thinking, I’m thinking. The only guy I can think of is my hubby. He’s so perfect. Sigh. It’s his smarts that is a turn on, and boy, is he smart. Am I boring you? Fun blog Jamie.

  5. I have a (no longer) secret thing for nerdy, intellectual types. The Professor from Gilligan’s Island. Jeff Goldblum. Robert Carradine. The, um, President of these United States. Not Woody Allen, though — too pervy.

  6. I love Ed Robertson from the BareNaked Ladies. I’ve loved Ed from the we’re barely represented and only play in club days = 1993 ish. Now that he’s older and sexier – hmmmm hmmm. And that man can sing, play the guitar…And Ty Pennington…love me the Ty Pennington. He’s good looking, sensitive and handy around the house, just like my Hubby!

  7. Bruce Willis!! As old as my father and bald…or balding when he lets his hair grow in. I have had a super major crush on him since 1993. Love!

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