I finished something!

Hidey-Ho there Scribblers!  J Monkeys here.  There are only 95 days left until Christmas 2012 so I thought I’d take a minute to catch you up on my writing goals for 2012 and my progress to date.

Way back at the beginning of the year, I stated (publicly!) that I was going to produce 6 books this year.  It was, and still is, an aggressive goal, but a doable one for me.  After a sluggish summer, I’ve actually picked up some speed this week and I’m happy to report that progress is being made!  Here’s how it stands: 

Do It Yourself Publishing ~ Cheap & Easy: I put the finishing touches on it this week and I sent for my proof copy today!  Yipppeeeeee!  This is an exciting book that give newbies step-by-step instruction on how to Indie Publish their book, on the cheap.  Let’s call this one 95% finished.

Gastro-Geneaology Cookbook: This is a project that I’m working on primarily for my family.  I’ve taken recipe cards hand-written by folks in the family (living and dead) and paired them with a picture of the chef, a short blurb about the person and a legible version of the recipe.  It’s in pretty good shape.  I just need to bake a few of the items and take some photos to add.  I’d say this one is 75% complete.  Definitely something that might have more additions as time goes by, but the first edition will be done by the holidays.

Brook the Fish: This is the first book in my First Grade reader series.  It’s done and available from Lulu.  I worked with a new illustrator on this one and he did a GREAT job!  Yeah Don!

Preschool book of Questions: I’ve actually been working on two of these.  The first, In The Woods, is nearly finished – 98% done.  Hubby needs to fix one photo for me, and then it’ll be complete.  The second one, Signs is about 50% done at this point.  I need to finish up the photography (maybe 7 more pictures to be done) and then I can pull it together.  We’ll be finishing the photography this weekend so I’m likely to order a proof copy by October 1st.

Dixie & Taco go to the Beach: I met with the illustrator today and she’s done a GREAT job.  This another newbie – her first book and her first step into this style of drawing.  But I looked at draft pictures today and they are spot on.  I’m confident it will be complete by year’s end.

The Fearsome Dane: This novella has been languishing – but my cover artist is now waiting for me to get back to her with crazy details like length.  Guess I’d better pick it up and write that last scene, eh?  It’s yet another monkey I want off my back, so I’m confident that it will be done by the end of the year.  It’s 30,000 words that needs at most two more scenes and some editing.

Some Time: This is actually my most exciting project.  I’m writing this time travel romance under my alter-ego, Vivienne Ylang.  Did you know that was me?  Shhhh, don’t tell anybody.  I’ve been thinking long and hard about this story lately.  I think I’ve finally worked the kinks out of the plot (no, not that kind of kink – get your head out of the gutter!) and I’m almost ready to pick up the pen again.  Or keyboard.  Whatever.  I need to do a little bit of Character writing and then I’ll be good to go.  I plan to have the 1st draft done by the end of November.  

That’s 8 books in one year.  WOW!  I know many of these are short, or have few words – but I’m still proud of the production.  And it’ll clear the way for me to pull a bunch of stuff out of my head and begin working on The Orange Trade, book 3 in the Livingston-Wexford Adventures early next year.  It’s a bit of a shuffle from how I had planned to do things, but hey.  Sometimes these characters are screaming in my head and I have to give somebody cuts in line.  You know?

Today’s Secret: Shout your goals publicly.  It’s harder to ignore them once you’ve told everyone what you are going to do.

Today’s Question: Did you make goals at the beginning of the year?  How are you doing?  Are you on track?





18 thoughts on “I finished something!”

  1. WOW! J. You’re on fire! I don’t know how you do it with a houseful of wild Indians. Eight books! That is awesome.

    I’m pretty much on target with my goals as well. My contemporary YA, Savage Cinderella was released in March. Although I’m a few months behind on getting WANING MOON to print, I’m happy to say it will release next week on September 28th. I moved the release of Book Two to next summer, not having taken into account the amount of time required to actually promote and sell the books, not to mention, write them:-) The short story companion to the trilogy, SOUL REDEMPTION is also ready to go. That will be released as part of the WG2E October Anthology, but I’ll also be using it as a giveaway in contests and for special folks like the first thirty buyers of WANING MOON next week. Now that I know what a comfortable production pace is for me, I’ll build in some extra time next year for planned projects so I’m not working quite as, ehem…intensely…. Four novels in a year was a bit of a stretch:-)

    1. Way to go! And I absolutely agree about biting off a bit more than can be chewed. I’m having trouble gauging a realistic pace myself.

    1. How to get it published – absosmurfly. How to finish writing it, not so much. It’s actually pretty easy to set up a picture book, once you’ve got the pictures.

  2. How many days till Christmas? My goodness, you are thinking ahead J. Shout the done day? It hasn’t helped. I have had at least three of those dates pass. It isn’t that I don’t love to write, or have writer’s block, or any of those difficulties that writer’s face, it is b/c I am still learning and taking courses that take me away from moving forward with the story. That said, I am hoping I will be done by spring. I need to be done. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. Yeah – 95 shopping days. Well, likely 94 now. Of course that’s assuming the world doesn’t end on Dec 21st. I hope not because I just finished my Christmas shopping for the kids…Finding focus can be hard. I was struggling with it a few months ago and I realized that my biggest problem was that I didn’t have the story together in my head. I’m a plotter. Pantsing doesn’t work for me. I have to know where I’m going or I don’t move. Now that I’ve finally got the plot outlined in my head, I need to put that on paper and I’ll be rearing to go. Good luck and Keep At It.

  3. Your title leaves something to be desired in the way of self promotion. ha. You are a role model to getting the job done. You are ahead of schedule, I’d say. So, do you also take good care of your health in some magical way? Because you obviously are in good health in order to be working at this pace. Well done! I set myself the goal of writing 500 words a day this year, and I have written more than that so far. I have published one mystery novel, and hope to finish the second before year’s end. I have written two new full length plays and one short one, had a staged reading in NYC, a live TV production in Portland, a staged reading in Portland for a weekend during Fertile Ground, and two table reads of new works. I wrote a poem a day during January, February, April, July and August. I have just started walking regularly again, now incorporating the walk into my writing process. I used to walk half-marathons, but stopped my regular walking almost 4 years ago when I moved in with my daughter to do some caretaking. It’s beyond time I got back to it. I am also a migraineur, which eats up 2-3 days a week of my time most months, although I can get some things done most of those days, just not creative writing. Oh! I’ve gone on too long. Sorry.

    1. WOW – okay, you’re busy! I have young children who suck up a LOT of my time and the housework never seems to be finished, but I’m pretty happy with 2012 so far. I have a bunch of other goals that aren’t so far along. The perennial “gotta lose some weight goal…those kinds of things. But all in all, I’m happy with this year! Thanks for your comments. 🙂

  4. Yea! I am so impressed and I can’t even get even get the laundry folded!! I can’t wait to read the first grade books! Let me know how to get them!! Or maybe a signed copy??? LOL Hugs to the boys and Mav!!

  5. WTG, J! That’s an impressive amount of work to have accomplished in a relatively short amount of time, especially with young’uns in the house. As for my 2012 goals, well, life threw a couple of curveballs at me in 2012. But I did manage to launch an editing business and finally rewrite my mystery to a point where I’m satisfied with the beginning and I feel like it is cohesive enough. I’ve gotten off my duff and started submitting it to agents and editors, and it feels great! My plans for the rest of the year are to continue to submit the mystery until I find somebody who loves it as much as I do; to rewrite a contemporary romance/women’s fiction that I started a couple of years ago (thanks to my Sister Scribes J, Katy and Casey for the plot assistance) by the end of October with a view toward indie pubbing it by the end of the year; and to attempt to finish my second cozy mystery during NaNoWriMo in November. It’s ambitious, but doable.

    1. Doable – definitely doable. I’m a big believer that you’ve gotta have a goal and sing it from the rooftops to get anything accomplished!

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