Oh, the Places I Haven’t Been

Hello, Scribelings! Suze here. Over the last few weeks I’ve shared photos and commentary about my recent road trip vacation. There will be more to come (yes, I saw a lot during that week and a half), but today I thought I’d mix it up and talk about places I’d like to go. It’s part of my travel bucket list, in no particular order.

Machu Picchu, Cusco, Peru. This Unesco World Heritage Site (click here and here for more information) has it all for me: stunning mountaintop setting, archaeological ruins, and a mysterious origin. I know someone who trained for months to be able to hike up the mountain to get there; on some level this appeals to me, but realistically I’m thinking I might need to import a couple of Sherpas to get my sorry butt up that high without mechanical assistance. Once I do make it, one way or another, I feel sure I will find Suze’s New Groove.

Photo courtesy of http://www.copyright-free-pictures.org.uk
Stonehenge, Salisbury Plain, England.  I’ve been to England a couple of times. My first trip was with my BFF, Laurie, on a backpacking European tour after college. We were eventually destined for Greece, so we only spent a couple of days in London and then left for Germany. My second was a trip I took with my boyfriend (he proposed to me later on this voyage, and we are still married 20 years later). We went as far as Yorkshire to visit friends, but we never made it to Stonehenge. Standing rocks of unknown significance out in the middle of a flat plain? Sign me up. Click here if you want to read more about current theories and research. Honestly, I cannot get enough of this stuff!

Angkor Wat, Cambodia. What can I say? I have a thing for sacred places and lost cities. Click here , history nerds/nerdettes, for more information. Look at those gorgeous carvings, will ya? Seeing this location, reclaimed from the jungle, would satisfy my inner Indiana Jones. Adventure would be sure to follow!

This list isn’t exhaustive. There are plenty more places I’d like to go before I croak. Now I just need to find a way to make that year off for traveling the world a reality. Ideas? How about you, readers? What places are on your bucket list?

7 thoughts on “Oh, the Places I Haven’t Been”

  1. You and me, kid! I’d travel with you to any one of those places. We could train together for that climb if you like. I’m thinking we could be ready for our 50th, what’d ya’ say?

    Although I love traveling to new places in theory, I’ll admit that I’m a homebody. To really enjoy a journey you need a few weeks and I get a little—dare I say–homesick after about a week. Do they have pills for that? The other issue is that travel to anywhere these days is a pain in the…well you know. I’m afraid I’ve turned into a bit of travel-phobe. Not that I’m worried about dangerous terrorists or anything like that, but I’ve become so chemically sensitive that perfumes, cleaning products–anything with a chemical composition that emits a fragrance, really disturbs me. I get headaches and feel nauseous instantly. It was a real bummer for me traveling to Europe last year where everyone either smoked or wore gramma’s perfume…uggh! It put a damper on the trip. I think living in clean mountain air has spoiled me for the rest of the world:-(

    1. Let me think on that one, PJ — I mean, I’m seriously thinking about it! (For you peeps not in the know out there, PJ and I were born in the same year, only a few days apart — no, I won’t tell you who’s older!) Traveling by plane is a pain, for sure, but I will do it if it means getting to see some of these amazing places.

  2. Great post Suze. And Paula, I have those allergies too. Real bummer, and travel is poopy these days. But our trip to Portugal was a dream come true. It’s the one place I will go back to. We happened to have smooth traveling. Travel to Spain was a nightmare, via striking British Airways, yuk, and the volcano in the Philippines. Teaching design and architecture all culminated as I stood before Gaudi’s work. It was glorious, also a dream come true, to see, touch and enjoy the fragrance of the land was a joy. I do not have a travel bucket list, but when I go, I take my trusty allergy pills. When I travel, I have thousands of photos that I can draw and paint. The experiences become part of my soul. I can incorporate those experiences into my writing, my art, my interpersonal relationships. Travel widens my prospectus. I’m just saying . . .

    1. I can’t wait to see how what kind of gorgeous artwork you produce, Gail! I’ve always wanted to go to Portugal and Spain, too.

  3. Omigosh – I want to go everywhere!! There are so many places – too many to list – including plenty of spots in the US too. I’m with PJ as far as being a homebody. I would love it if someone would build a transporter so I wouldn’t be trapped in airplanes for long periods of time!

    1. I have plenty of places I’d like to go in the US too — like Yellowstone, the Pacific Northwest and Alaska and Hawaii someday.

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