God Called – He Wants His Stuff Back

Greetings from sunny California! Katy Lee here, taking a quick break from the national AGLOW convention near LA that is still going strong. This is my first AGLOW conference and I really didn’t know what to expect, but when the speaker, Graham Cooke of Brilliant Book House, opened his mouth and started saying I have a story to tell, he hooked me immediately.

I thought how did he know that?

But the fact is whether you are a writer or not, we all have a story to tell about this journey we are on.

Now, I could recap his whole amazing message, but I would never do him justice. The man is truly prophetic. But if you are intrigued, I invite you to get the DVD. You won’t be disappointed. I will tell you this though. He changed my outlook on everything I do and every way I see myself. I don’t think I will ever be the same. And that’s a good thing because I don’t want to be the old me anymore.

The old me carried bags of self-doubts and hurt feelings of rejections that I didn’t even know were weighing me down. And this “stuff” has been keeping me from my destiny and I had no idea it was me holding onto it all.

So imagine my OMG moment when Mr. Cooke told us that God wants His stuff back.

Stuff? What does that mean? What stuff was the question everyone in that audience had. But in the end the answer was really quite simple.

The stuff Mr. Cooke was speaking of is our insecurities, doubts, anger, and resentment…all the things that keep us from our destiny. Keep us from being the beautiful people God sees when He looks at us. Keeps us from being the person He created.

You see Jesus died for our stuff. He’s already paid for it all, so why do we keep taking it all back? Our stuff now belongs to Him. He owns it all so that we are made into new creations. But yet we hold onto the things that keep us from that new and true identity.

Now because I have to get back to the conference, I am going to just lay out The Unlocked Secret from this weekend. Are you ready?

Give God back His stuff. Once you do, you’ll find your true identity. Now I will say there will be people around you that will remind you of your stuff. Possibly throw it back in your face. But that’s only because they’re still holding onto their “stuff.” Encourage them to give it up too and embrace their destiny.


14 thoughts on “God Called – He Wants His Stuff Back”

  1. What an inspiring conference! Like Gail, I too, decided many years ago that I wasn’t going to put up with “stuff” that was downgrading and made me feel less than I really was. I found my power in that decision.

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