Falling Into Sandra Orchard’s Latest Book

Happy fall! Katy Lee here, excited to be ensconced in my favorite time of year—and not just because October is my birthday month, although I love that it is! Especially when I can buy myself books to read while I enjoy the beautiful fall colors of New England.

And so, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that for my birthday this year, I snatched up a fellow Love Inspired Suspense author’s latest novel, Critical Condition.

This is Sandra Orchard’s third novel in her Undercover Cops series, and I when I saw the cover, a little bit of the peace that autumn offers descended upon me like the fluttering leaves themselves. But I will say peace was not the feeling I received while reading it—at least not at first.

Sandra packs every page with twists and turns, emotional highs…and more highs, and a story that equated to a medical thriller romance that felt like The Fugitive meets luuve. Best of both worlds, in my romantic opinion.

But I also can’t forget the inspirational arc Sandra wove into the story so beautifully, touching on the many battles cancer patients and their loved ones face daily…and how many turn away from God instead of to Him. We live in a world where we have so much hurt and pain to deal with, and blaming God will not bring us healing. And it will not bring the blessings that God has for us, either.

And so, for me, autumn is a time of reflection. While I take in the beauty around me, I pray I will see every blessing God has given to me this year—even in the moments I didn’t feel His presence or I thought He didn’t care. I don’t want to enter the holidays feeling resentment of not accomplishing something I set out to do on January 1st. Or holding a grudge because my year, or even life, did not turn out the way I thought it should. If I am harboring even a bit of anger toward Him, I want to catch that before it festers so big that I disable Him from blessing me more.

The Unlocked Secret: God loves blessing us. Jeremiah 29:11 proves this. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Now THAT’S a blessing I don’t want to miss. And thank you, Sandra Orchard, for allowing God to bless you in your writing, so that you can pass His blessing onto others who don’t want to miss it, either.


11 thoughts on “Falling Into Sandra Orchard’s Latest Book”

    1. You’re just tired from all that writing you are doing. 🙂

      And for readers who don’t know, Sandra has signed a three book deal with Revel, as well as another book deal with LIS. Her fingers and mind are probably pretty numb right now. 🙂 So excited for her!

  1. Sweet recap, Katy. Thanks for sharing. I love this cover, Sandra! it definitely captures the beauty and majesty of nature–truly the greatest blessing that God has bestowed upon us, IMHO.

  2. Happy Birthday, Katy. I love the cover of Critical Condition too. Autumn is my favorite time of year as well because not only is it beautiful, but it is also the time when we reap what we have sewn.

  3. It’s really cool to me to get so much positive feedback on the cover. I’m doing art fact sheets right now for my next book, and it’s such a challenge to come up with new landscape scenes (my editor’s preference) that some connection to the story and convey a mix of danger and inspirational. Autumn is my favorite season for scenery. In Niagara right now the colors are gorgeous and my heart lightens just to look at the scenery…jumping in them is fun too. 🙂

  4. Sandra, your cover is gorgeous, what a time of the year to reflect upon. Rich blue skies against the red, orange and yellow leaves reminding us of the changing seasons. And Katy, to you, a wonderful happy birthday.

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