People Who Annoy Me on Facebook and Twitter

I’ll admit it. I’m a little bit of an obsessive Facebook checker. Twitter too. It’s like I have the need to know what each and every one of my friends’ mundane activities.

And while social media is now a necessity in my life there are things that annoy me about it too. And here they are…

1. The people who seem to be obsessed with taking pictures of themselves. In bathroom mirrors. Everyday.

Could these be anymore annoying? We get it. You think you’re cute. But nobody needs to see 365 pictures of you in a bathroom.

Even celebs do it.

2. Vague depressing status updates. “Please give me strength. I wish things would just get better already.”

I always roll my eyes at these people. I feel like they just want people to ask them what’s wrong. I don’t.

3. The Buy My Book people. This is mostly a twitter thing. They don’t tweet anything else about themselves or their lives. EVERYTHING is about their newly released/soon to be released books.  JOHN DOE’S DOE is a captivating story about a man and his search to connect with a baby deer, and it on sale at Amazon. JOHN DOE’S DOE received another five star review. Get your copy of JOHN DOE’S DOE today.

I only ever bought one book because of twitter and it was because someone other than the author tweeted about it.

4. The people who purposely misspell things when they post. “This heets gotz me dien.” Or the people who do this. mY BOyFriend IS iN tOWn!

Ugh. Really? Get a life.

Funny Family Ecard: You know what is awesome about teenagers? Everything! Said no one, ever.

5. The people who send me game requests. STOP IT. I don’t want to play Farmville or Mafia Wars or anything.

I’m sure other things will annoy me about social media. But what about you? What annoys you?


32 thoughts on “People Who Annoy Me on Facebook and Twitter”

  1. Yipes! Okay, so one of those is probably me…the book shouter, for sure. I don’t spend a lot of time on social media these days. I check into FB twice a day, and twitter as needed to respond to tweets or thank my peeps for tweeting about blog interviews they’ve tweeted for me. Since my life these days is pretty uninteresting with the exception of selling my new release, that’s pretty much the extent of my posts. I get that it can be annoying, but it’s also the reason most authors are participating…to get the word out and connect with readers/buyers of books. Just wait until your first release becomes available and you are doing the blog tour circuit! Then we’ll see how annoying you can be too:-)

    As for what annoys me…the people who post a hundred cute pics of animals a day. Sweet but totally clogging up my FB stream:-)

    1. I’ll never be a book shouter because the authors I enjoy on FB and Twitter don’t do that. Look at Kristan Higgins, Jill Shalvis, and Julia Quinn. They are best selling authors and they make their social media fun. If they were just book shouters and I wouldn’t follow them. Ps I wasn’t talking about you. There are some writers who tweet about their books 20 times a day.

      1. Twenty times a day? Really…who has time. It’s probably a good thing I don’t know how to schedule my tweets, LOL. I totally agree there are those authors who have mastered the “art” of social media. They pick one or two methods of connecting with readers and then find ways to make it fun. Great examples and models to follow, for sure. Those ladies are obviously doing something right–aside from writing fabulous books:-) I will confess, I’ve bought a couple of books by authors who tweeted about them. I’ve also visited blog posts and downloaded free books that I’ve found on twitter, so I’m hoping it isn’t a complete waste of my time.

  2. Jamie, you know, Paula is right on target. She is an old marketing pro at this point. Like she says, “just wait until your first release becomes available and you are doing the blog tour circuit.” You’ll see.

    1. Actually there are studies that prove that Twitter and Facebook don’t sell books. Even my publisher agrees with that.

  3. The twitter thing kills me too, I was following a person who would automatically post EVERY HOUR that she needed more followers. Well, yeah, because you’re scaring them away!! I stopped following her, so she stopped following me. Now, however, every other day it seems she’s following me, then unfollowing me, like a tease. Grr.

    And I think you are right about the depressed comments. I know a couple people who do that, and they DO just want the attention and to have people ask. I really try to resist (but of course, I have that stupid side of me that has to make everything better….). It kind of makes me mad, though, because it’s manipulating and almost as bad/self-agrandizing as posting the pics of yourself (which some of the same people do…).

    I’ve figured out how to block most of the games, though! I don’t even see the requests unless it’s for something brand new.

    1. That’s the thing. There always seems to be a new game! Oh yeah and I hate the follow me- unfollow me- follow me again people.

  4. Jamie,
    Your post made me laugh out loud! I also hate the game requests. I have no time to play on line games, and do we really need to know that cousin Billy Bob fed his pigs today on Farmville? I had a friend actually post on his/her time line asking friends not to send them requests to play games, and then I got a request from him/her to something! Seriously? I try to be concious of my posts. When the books come out though, the excitement is difficult to contain. It’s a fine line between promotion and annoying and I confess to be struggling not to cross that line.

    1. As a reader I what I want to see from my favorite authors on social media is the fun stuff. The man wars. The pictures of their writing spaces. I want to get to know them. I want it to feel like they are letting me in on their lives.

  5. Jamie, right there with you on all of these. I’ve actually gotten so tired of some of it, that I no longer have certain people’s post show in my newsfeed. if I want to see what is going on with that person, I bop over to their page, do a quick check and most of the time leave without commenting – as its usually the same post as the many days before. I don’t mind the cute animal pictures so much as they beat the depressing comments that leave you wondering if your friend is going to be the next statistic or just a drama queen. And don’t worrry, you wont’ be getting game requests from me. :0)

  6. Jamie, I forgot to mention the thing that annoys me most of all … requests from men from afar who are looking for “their soul mate” and are intrigued by my profile. I actually had to block one guy and report him to Facebook. Since when did Facebook become a dating site?

  7. Hey, at least you didn’t name names! Right now I’m about up to here with political stuff, but I hide posts that I don’t want to see. I don’t Unfriend my friends who have different political beliefs from me so long as they don’t come over and post nasty mean stuff on my own posts. I try to alternate my book flogging with a few things of general interest, at least on Facebook, but on Twitter, I’m mostly RTing other people’s stuff and my own news when I have it. I hear you on the Emo’s, Jamie. I’ve unfriended or blocked people like that. Too wearying.

    1. I have had it too! Mostly because I follow politics and most of the stuff people posts isn’t based on facts. They just want to bash the candidates.

  8. LOL! Love this post! I’m with you on everything. I once saw a picture spoof of a guy in a bathroom holding up a cookie sheet like he was taking a picture of himself with an iPad. Freaking hilarious! The “buy my book” people are especially tedious. I wonder what their ROI is on all that one-way shouting? 🙂

    1. I have to see that spoof picture! And I honestly don’t think the “buy my book” sell many books that way. I saw an article that says most people fall in love with authors because a friend recommends them.

  9. I hate the political stuff. I honestly don’t care what other people’s political beliefs are — but I do NOT want them shoved down my throat. Hate the game requests too. I only play Scrabble, very, very infrequently, and don’t intend to start any new obsessions, thank you very much! I’m on Twitter but I haven’t looked at it in weeks–I haven’t really warmed up to it. And I’ve never bought a book based on a tweet or FB post, no matter whether it came from the author or somebody else. That’s just not how I, personally, find books.

    1. I haven’t warmed up to twitter either. I only check my favs everyday. My agent. My editor. And a few authors who make me laugh.

  10. P.S., Sugar. Will you be writing John Doe’s Doe anytime soon? Your dear people will be fawning all over it and will shell out big bucks to buy it. Now that we’re all done groaning, I actually think if anybody could make that story fun, it would be you! 🙂

  11. Great post. It does get addicting, that’s for sure. Here are a couple more. Auto replies from twitter when you friend someone to sell you a book or a website or like their facebook page. T oo many event or new group invitations on FB to buy even more books.

    1. Ah! You’re right I hate those auto replies! I also get annoyed with the verification thing some ppl make you do on Twitter in order to follow them.

  12. Excellent post, and very true. What’s with all the games? I already have enough ways to waste time.
    I saw someone online once say that the drive-by advertising is like walking into a party, yelling, “Buy my book!” and then leaving. It will never work.
    I might have something to sell, but I wouldn’t be hanging around on Twitter or Facebook or wherever unless I actually enjoyed talking with likeminded people. I have NEVER bought a book because someone annoyed me with spam advertising. I don’t know anybody who does.
    Authors should help other others, not annoy other authors!

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