You Sank My Battleship and other Hasbro Movies

Hello Scribblers!  J Monkeys here.  Even though I finished writing tomorrow’s blog post earlier today, I just finished something that moved me to post again.  Hello October 27th!

Like many people, my job includes several aspects that I don’t care for.  One of them if folding the Alpine mountain of laundry that my household seems to generate each week.  Today was a folding day.  I know this because I’ve spent the last two mornings fishing through troughs of clean clothes searching for pants for my son to wear to school. 

This morning, I stopped at Redbox to rent myself a bit of folding inspiration – a movie.  I rented several, including one that I thought looked absurd from the trailer (ok, well this trailer is better than the one I saw in the theater) – this past summer’s action flik Battleship. NOTE: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!  You may want to see the movie, then come back to the blog.

I rented Battleship for one reason and one reason only – that taste of Swedish Delight known as Alexandar Skarsgard.  He was every bit as yummy as I could have hoped, if too small a portion.  I kept watching – even when it became clear that his presence would not…how we say…continue in the film. 


From the trailer this summer, I had the impression that Battleship was the red-headed stepchild of that other Hasbro great: Transformers.  Au contraire!  If you haven’t seen this movie then get thee to a Redbox!  I laughed, I cried – honestly, I cried from the story, not the full laundry basket of socks to be mated.  Why do they make so many different styles of socks?!

But seriously – it seems that good writers and good actors and good tech people can make a very good film, no matter how silly the premise. 

Spoilers here: (highlight to read) I loved that one major hero of this story was a retired soldier who had lost his legs in battle.  He was awesome and it was SO great to see our wounded soldiers being recognized in this way.  I also loved that the final battle included long retired WWII vets and of course, a battleship that the current naval officers had no idea how to sail.  And don’t forget, the movie was inspired by classic game – it was cool how they worked that in. Of course, the movie also included the standard hero-as-screw-up coming of age story and the freaked out geek who predicts disaster at the beginning.  And of course, the girl – but she was spunky.

Today’s Secret: If you like a good story, give Battleship a try.  The trailer doesn’t even hint at the best parts of the film.

Today’s Question: How do you inspire/reward yourself for doing those aspects of your job that you hate?


8 thoughts on “You Sank My Battleship and other Hasbro Movies”

  1. Dude! How did you do that hidden spoiler thing? So cool! I didn’t see Battleship, did not even know that your little Swedish meatball was in it. My menfolk saw it over the summer while I was home writing. Now I’m thinking I’ll need to rent it. I also like to turn on the tv and watch educational things like Hoarders: Buried Alive and What Not to Wear as I fold laundry. And I always have an audiobook loaded on my phone for when I take my walks–that’s often the only motivation I have to get them done!

    1. yes – the wonders of 100 channels! We only get CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, CW, PBS, TBS, ION, FX, TVLand, and TruTV. Sady there’s nothing on any of those during the day. And you liked my hidden spoiler? Super technical, I could tell you about it, but then…well, you know how that goes. No seriously – white font.

  2. I heard it was awful and that the critics panned it. But critcs also panned TAKEN and I loved that movie. I just love Liam Neesom. He’s in Battleship too, right?

    1. He is – for longer than Mr. Skarsgaard too! I had no expectations when I watched it and was so surprised that I really liked it! Give it a go.

    1. I liked it – but I had very low expectations going it. I’d hate for this to become a Forest Gump situation, where the expectations are so high it can only disappoint! 🙂

  3. I seriously thought it was absurd, too, but was obligated to watch. Many of the scenes were filmed on my ship. I had lunch with Alex and then dinner with him and Peter Berg as well. Peter had a much more intriguing description of the plot 🙂 And Alex was not only yummy in person (I scored a hug *g*), but he’s absolutely caring, funny, and down-to-earth. Not at all what you’d expect from a big star. You’d fall in love if you met him. The movie blew my expectations away, and I had teary moments because I have particularly strong emotions when it comes to the fates of Sailors.

    1. I cried too! During the movie I mean, not just now when reading that you had meals and hugs from Mr. S. Dreamy. I really liked the movie – I might/probably will end up buying the DVD and for me, that’s saying something. Way to go you! So scenes were filmed on your ship – are you in the service? If so, a BIG thank you!

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