Waitin’ On A Dream

Hey, all, Suze here. Great to see you again!

Some of you may know that I’ve finally, after a mind-boggling amount of agonizing, started querying agents and editors about my first manuscript, now titled Rest In Greece. (It’s a fun adventure/mystery set in a Greek restaurant in the Thousand Islands area of New York State.) I finally got the first few chapters to a point where I was satisfied they weren’t total doo-doo, had a serviceable synopsis (thanks to the awesome assistance of my sister Scribes and other CTRWA goddesses), and a decent query letter.

So now I’ve got queries out to a bunch of agents and have had requests for a couple of fulls and several partials. And I’m waiting.

And waiting.

Oh, I know this process takes time. Agents and editors have crazy numbers of emails to sift through. And when they do request whatever number of pages, they have to find time to read them, decide on them, and then respond yea or nay.

So what’s a writer to do in the meantime? Well, intellectually I know I should be writing the next book. Makes perfect sense. And I’m working on it, although not at the pace I’d envisioned. But here’s what I’m doing more of:

  1. Obsessively checking e-mails on computer for responses. Yes? No? I’m even hunting through my spam folder and reading Cialis ads (not clicking on links, of course!) in case some agent has a quirky sense of humor and has hidden her/his response in such an unlikely place and wants to reward me for my ingenuity and mystery-solving skills by offering me a contract.
  2. Obsessively checking smart phone for reponses, in case, somehow, a response shows up there but not on the computer.
  3. Obsessively researching the next round of agents to target, assuming Plan A (immediate acceptance and adulation!) does not come to fruition.
  4. Obsessively searching for ever-more-beautiful photos of Joe Manganiello–it’s research, I swear!
  5. Obsessively cleaning closets and drawers and organizing workspace. Because of feng shui and all that. I’ve been through every cupboard in my kitchen and thrown out tons of crap (including a full trashbag of unused plastic stuff). Next step: sorting through clothes for entire family and making donations.
  6. Obsessively checking horoscopes and online oracle sites (click here — you’ll thank me), hoping for a definitive answer to the most important questions: who, when, and how much?

So, keep me company. What do you do while you’re waiting?


11 thoughts on “Waitin’ On A Dream”

  1. Well, let’s see. Last night I finished a fun new game called Bee Garden where you play the role of tiny little bees making honey. I’m nearly done with Santa’s Super Helpers, where I help the elves make toys. It’s a game geared toward 10 year olds. I’m stuck about 8 levels before the end. I can’t beat it! I fold mountains of laundry and put it away. Occassionally, I clean something. I often cook or run errands. Once in a great while, I write.

    1. Ooh, bees! Sounds like fun! I’ve been really, really diligent about staying away from the games. Although about the only kind I can play are those match-3 kind of games like Bejeweled. Anything else is beyond me 🙂

  2. I don’t wait…for anything anymore. Life is too short. I either put it out there and let it go (a task easier said than done for most, but the only real option since we have zero control over it once it’s out of our hands), or I move forward, which for me meant indie-publishing my work:-) No more “waitin’ on a dream” for me, sister!

    My advice is let it go and trust that the universe is working it out. If you’re looking for something constructive to fill your time, you could be doing the same…working out, that is:-) Just sayin’… Ohhh…that sounds so mean…but as your trainer, it’s my job to be mean.

    1. OK, a certain amount of writerly license was taken with this post, PJ about the level of my obsessions 🙂 Honestly, I have just put the stuff out there hoping for feedback, positive or otherwise, and I’m not quite as invested as this might make it sound. I know there are plenty of options to publish my work and I’m open to all of them (indie, digital-first, micropresses); it’s just that I’ve chosen to give traditional a go first. And anybody reading this post — PJ is an awesome trainer. Tough, but not Jillian-Michaels mean! I’ve been working out physically too and am seeing some real results. It just seemed like the subject of another post to talk about that!

      1. Good to hear, Suze. I’d hate to think of you pining away over there. Six uses of the word obsessively had me worried, but i should have known better. You, of all people, have such a grounded and positive attitude about this business. We can all relate to those nail-biting moments after we’ve put our work out in the world.

  3. Lucky me Suze, I haven’t reached that point yet. I am still writing. While you’re waiting though, How about learning to play the guitar. Or write some songs. You could get them published. Or, write a couple of essays in your genre.

  4. I wrote and completed another book while I was waiting for responses. Which is what you should do. It helped me get a three book deal and I only now have the terror of writing one book on a deadline.

  5. Funny post, Suannah! I hope I’m not like that when I query again. I queried (on a super-small scale) after completing my first book. I even pitched twice at conference and received requests for fulls (that was a huge accomplishment for a shy one like me). After the feedback and nays, I decided to sit my butt back in a chair and continue to hone my craft. I’m working hard so I can start the querying process again by Spring 2013. At least, that’s the goal.

    Good luck. Look forward to following your journey.

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