Nanowrimo-ing Monkey Blog #2

Hello Scribblers!  J Monkeys here.  I’m posting early this month, if you don’t know why, check out last weeks’ blog

Nanowrimo day 9 ended a minute ago.  I have 13,253 of 18,000 words written so far.  I’m behind, but not so far that I can’t catch up with a couple of good days!

I wanted to tell you all about a GREAT new trilogy that I’ve started reading.  The first two books are available now, Sanctus and The Key Simon Toyne, the author says that the 3rd is still a WIP and should be available in the United States early next summer.  If you liked The DaVinci Code, you should definitely pick up this series. 

Let me tell you how Sanctus came to be found at the top of my To Be Read pile.  I walked past The Key in my town library and was immediately attracted to the fire blaze on the cover, in the shape of a key.  Yup – that’s all it took.  I knew nothing about the book, or the author, but the tag line on the front cover read, “The fate of man lies in the hands of one woman.”  I checked it out without even glancing at the jacket.

About 50 very gripping pages into the story – I began to suspect that there was something I didn’t know but should.  I read the jacket text much more carefully than I had previously and even read the short blub about the author on the back.  That’s where I realized that The Key is the second book in the trilogy.  I put it down, picked up my Kindle and immediately shelled out $9 and change for Sanctus.  Immediately.  I think that’s the reaction every author hopes for in their readers. 

So I plowed through Sanctus as quickly as possible and the little that I’d read of The Key immediately made more sense.  I read and read and read at every spare moment.  It’s Saturday morning now.  I think I might have purchased Sanctus on Wednesday-ish.  I’ve finished both books and I can’t wait to read the last one next summer!

I don’t want to tell you anything that happens in the story because it’s so exciting.  I’ll just say this, vast conspiracy throughout history with religion at it’s center.  I loved the pacing, fast – like Angels and Demons by Dan Brown (which I thought was the best of his books so far with The Davinci Code as a close second.)  Lots of characters to root for or root for their demise.  (Yes that’s the correct version of “root”; I looked it up.  I had “route” at first and thought that seemed off.  It was.  Freakin English language!)

Today’s Secret: Read Sanctus and The Key!

Today’s Question: What have you read lately that you got really excited about?


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