Sweet Gratitude is My Favorite Attitude! by Author Jan Nash

Thanks for the blog invite to The Seven Scribes, Katy! It’s great to be here. My debut novel, POWERLESS CONSENT, is available at: (Amazon, B&N, and SMP) Pop over to my website www.janetnash.com for details on my book. Here’s a little hint: You’ll never talk on your cell phone the same!

Sweet Gratitude is My Favorite Attitude!

I decided to skip the standard author Q and A and chat about Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday.

So…Thanksgiving night, just before I slipped into my jammies and bellied up to my laptop, a flash of indigestion reminded me of how much I’d eaten. Turkey smothered in gravy, sweet potato casserole, crescent rolls slathered in butter, pecan pie…oh what a feast. Did I mention the second piece of pecan pie? Though decadent and yummy, my dancing taste buds weren’t the highlight of my Thanksgiving. What I savored most was spending dedicated time in gratitude. Ah, sweet gratitude is my favorite attitude.

Hubby and I make an extra effort to spotlight all our blessings during the Thanksgiving season. It’s become a treasured tradition. We focus on the simple, yet joyous things we normally take for granted and try to come up with creative ways to bless others. Here’s one…I’m so blessed to own an oven. I can bless a neighbor or friend by baking cookies. An added bonus is that a few cookies manage to fill my cookie jar. For me, focusing on how blessed I am always ignites a sense of fulfillment and serenity. And that night was no exception.

It didn’t take long for my happy thoughts to be interrupted by another Black Friday commercial. The chatter actually started around November 1st.  Surely, you’ve heard all the buzz. Super sales, blowout prices, save up to 80%; stores open at noon Thanksgiving Day. All I could think about was what happened to celebrating and giving thanks with family and friends?  Don’t get me wrong, Christmas shopping rocks and who doesn’t like a great bargain? But couldn’t it wait until early Friday morning? I still wanted to savor the true meaning of Thanksgiving.

I didn’t want to end my favorite holiday as a Debbie Downer, so I started thinking of what would add to the Thanksgiving spirit. I know. A smile splashed across my face. What if instead of calling it Black Friday, we tagged it Blessed Friday, and spent the day blessing others instead of spending money? Oh, I liked that idea. Personally, I’m not a super shopper, so the Blessed Friday concept sang to my soul.

Either way, shop till you drop or pay it forward, I’m staying in the zone of my attitude of sweet gratitude.

Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to blog!

Readers: What are you grateful for?

Leave a comment for a chance to win a free copy of my book, Powerless Consent.

Katy Lee here: Jan, you sure have blessed me with your post today! You put in words how I have felt all week.  I used to work in retail and the term “Black Friday” was thrown around by the back-office managers trying to make sure they didn’t end in the red for the year. It has since become a publicly used term and now an annual event, usurping the day President Lincoln deemed a special day to remember all of our blessings. It seems only right to spend the next day paying those blessings forward.

Jan, I am so excited to have you part of the Soul Mate Publishing family! Welcome!

And READERS: Don’t miss Jan’s latest book, Powerless Consent. Don’t you just LOVE the cover? Check it out here.

Powerless Consent

Kate Ballard thinks attending a gala on a luxury yacht honoring her old college friend will be the time of her life, but secret cell phone video threats to her family’s safety, and a hidden sniper force her into a world of deception and lies. Can her faith erase such horror? Though powerless, she relentlessly tries to outsmart her captor and return to the love of her life.

Her husband, Tom, refuses to accept his wife’s decision to leave and discovers that he must revisit his past. With the help of an unlikely ally, he finds evidence of theft and murder tucked away in an old storage locker. When his investigation starts to uncover the truth, he struggles with whom to believe. Will he trust his heart, or the deception before his eyes? One thing’s for sure, nothing can stop him from reuniting his family, not even a force as great as Invisible Surveillance.


20 thoughts on “Sweet Gratitude is My Favorite Attitude! by Author Jan Nash”

  1. Fabulous idea, Jan! From hence forth, Black Friday is now Blessed Friday on my calendar. As for what I’m thankful for, the list is long. Suffice it to say that I try to live each day to its fullest and appreciate every moment. Paying it forward is the best way to honor all we are given and the quickest path to finding peace in our spirit. It’s hard to be miserable when you’re putting a smile on someone else’s face:-)

    The book sounds intriguing!

  2. Great blog, Jan! Many continued successes with your book. It’s a wonderful read! You bring out the best in so many. Keep up the good work! Now, give me a sequel to read. 😉

  3. Loved your post, Jan, and I love your ‘attitude.’ Thanks for reminding us to count our blessings. I’m sitting here, warm and comfy, on a cold morning. Many people can’t say that. I am blessed.

  4. Great post, ladies! And a beautiful idea, Jan! I am thankful for my God, my wonderful family, my writing, and beautiful friends like you! (And this is a rockin’ book, y’all!)

  5. Hi Jan, your post is very timely and quite personal, for me. My family is huddled together in deep gratitude and prayerful thoughts for all the blessings my dear mother-in-law has given us. She will be leaving us very soon, but I’m eternally grateful for her bright spirit and joy of life. She’d spent many Black Friday’s on her feet during her retail career, but never let that interfer with the true meaning of Thanksgiving. It’s always been about family and giving. Thanks for a great post…and I absolutely LOVE your book. It’s a very compelling read. Congratulations!

  6. Jan, you not only write inspirational books, you live your life being inspirational to others. Thanks for being who you are and sharing your idea of Blessed Fridays, I love that idea much more than shopping the day after Thanksgiving!

    You book, Powerless Consent was absolutely wonderful. I enjoyed page after page all the way to the end. I too can’t wait for your next book!

  7. I’m officially adopting Blessed Friday too! Your book looks wonderful and I can’t wait to read it. Thanks for visiting the Scribes!

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