A Bad Case of the I Don’t Wannas…

This is a crazy time of year for everybody. Thanksgiving has just passed. Christmas is arriving. We’ve got parties to go to. Presents to buy. Weight not to gain. Not to mention work, family and all the other everyday things we are supposed to be doing.

And I’ve got a book to write. A blog to contribute to and social media to conquer. But lately I don’t want to. That ever happen to you? Ever get a case of the I Don’t Wannas? You know what they are. When you really don’t feel like doing much of anything. Yesterday I had a grand list of things I was going to accomplish.


Clean my house from top to bottom. (I managed to get the dishes in the dishwasher.)

Go grocery shopping. (Yeah, that totally didn’t happen. Cereal for dinner!)

Add 2000 words to my WIP. (I kinda sorta half way got there. I did manage to edit a bit.)

Do some work related things. (HA HA HA! Work? What’s that?)

Buy a gift for a friend who did me a favor. (I feel guilty for not getting this one done, but I’ll do it before the end of the week.)

What did I end up doing?

I watched CATFISH. The TV show and the movie on MTV. (I recommend watching it. It’s one of the few TV shows I look for.)

I watched the Food Network for hours. (This is always a bad thing for me. It makes me crave stuff I shouldn’t be eating.)

I talked to my mom on the phone for an hour. (I learned my brother is an ass but I knew that already.)

I took a nap. (I love a good nap.)
Basically I wasted a whole day. I feel a little guilty but I think sometimes we need those lazy days. We need time to rest and reset and that’s okay.

My question is… How do you combat a case of the I Don’t Wannas?


4 thoughts on “A Bad Case of the I Don’t Wannas…”

  1. We all have those days Jamie. Our lives are so full of “have to’s” it’s totally normal and acceptable to give in once in a while to “I don’t wanna” kind of days. If we give in more times than not, then we’ve got a problem, but a day of R&R is necessary to keep us sane and happy. I’m learning to balance those “have to’s” with the “I don’t wanna’s” so hopefully I can get done the “need to’s.” Totally worth taking a day off, especially during the holidays. No guilt necessary. Hope you at least enjoyed yourself!

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