Adventures in New York City…

From time to time I entertain moving to New York City and living a most fast paced life.  Kind of like Carrie Bradshaw. I could live the cool life of a writer in NYC. When I was seventeen I had my heart set on going to college in the city, but after taking a trip there with my mother I decided while New York is probably one of the most exciting places in the world to visit, I would rather spend my college years on a quiet campus with a lovely green and a peaceful atmosphere. I’m glad I did, because it is where I met two of my closest friends. (You’ll see them in some of my adventures below.)

Since college we all have moved in different directions but once a year we make a pilgrimage to Manhattan so we can go shopping, catch a show, eat, drink and be merry. Here’s some highlights from this years trip.

We started our day on the train. Heading from my friend’s house in Queens to Manhattan. Here’s me and Laura all ready for the day.

photo (9)

Here’s the obligatory picture of the train zooming by.

photo (7)
















Here’s me at Penn Station.

photo (8)
















This year we had the misfortune pleasure of going to Manhattan on Santacon day. Which meant we encountered hundreds of mostly drunken merry makers dressed up as Santa.  If you want to learn more about Santacon. Click here. Check out some of the better behaved Santas below.
photo (2)















We had to battle about a million Santas for a table at our favorite restaurant  Dallas BBQs. They make the BEST frozen drinks. I had a Pineapple Crush.

photo (4)
















But if you are more adventurous try a TEXAS SIZED drink. Here’s a Blue Bull.

photo (3)
















We hit China Town on the search for cheap presents and and rambutans, the freakiest looking fruit on the planet.

photo (5)
















We ended our night watching Avenue Q. Which is super fun and where I learned that everyone is a little bit racist. Check out the song here.



3 thoughts on “Adventures in New York City…”

  1. If she doesn’t use Santacon, I will! Looks like you had a great time, Sugar–I haven’t been to NYC in ages, despite living relatively close and having friends there. I am loving your new hairstyle, BTW!

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