Meggan Connors – Saucy Pirate Wench

Happy Friday! Casey here, but not for long. Today, I have a guest – the funny and talented Meggan Connors. Meggan has just released a new novel – Jessie’s War – but you have to wait until later to find out more.

jessieswar-coverOh, and in case you’re wondering about the saucy pirate wench reference, that is my loving nickname for Meggan. Her blog posts are a bright spot in my day. I love a fellow snark artist and I sit at her knee hoping to be as cool as she is!

Without further adieu – I give you Meggan, saucy wench and sexy shoe mistress!


Thanks for allowing me to encroach on your time, Casey! I really appreciate it.

So, I wracked my brain, searching for inspiration on what to post on this blog. After all, every time I read The Seven Scribes, I’m continually impressed by how knowledgeable, funny, and just plain cool they are.

As for me, I can be all of those things, I suppose, just not always on the same day. Or on command. Some days, I overwork my one lonely synapse until steam comes out my ears and I finally just say, “Oo, shiny!” and move on.

And, just when I thought I was going to have to say, “Oh, shiny!” again, it hit me! I can talk about inspiration!

See, I get asked about inspiration a lot. What inspires you to write? Where do you draw inspiration from?

Let’s think about these answers.

The answer to the first question is: well, if I don’t write, I just hang out in my head and replay the same scene over and over until I finally write it down. It can be a distraction at work, so I put it down on paper and then it’s done and I can move on. That’s how it started, anyway.

But what inspires me? It’s all sorts of stuff (like that word? It’s super specific, right? Stuff could mean anything. Stuff could mean Regency era pantaloons. It doesn’t, in this case. After all, I specialize in Victorians.)

Sometimes it’s little things, like watching television. I might get an idea for a book that way.

Sometimes, it’s bigger things. About a year ago, I went on a road trip with the bestie. It was the first time away from kids in forever, and my first girls-only trip since college. We went to a spa in California. You could say it was inspiring. It was definitely eye-opening.

Now, I’ve been married since I was twenty-two, and well, I’m not twenty-two anymore. I hadn’t seen flirting in the wild for a long time. It was seriously like watching caged lions dance around one another. I was supposed to be the wingman, but really, I was the voice of reason.  Husband claims that the men probably thought of me as something a little more restrictive than a wingman (I take umbrage at the term grenade, but, let’s face it, it was true).

In any case, as I listened to this flirting, I laughed my head off and texted myself some of the lines they were throwing back and forth. In a matter of minutes, I had a romantic comedy plotted out in its entirety, which one day I plan to write. Also, a murder mystery. Sadly, hot friend doesn’t make it in the murder mystery. Meh. If you won’t listen to your grenade, well…

I could make an entire career out of that one trip.

Inspiration is everywhere. It’s a matter of paying attention and seizing the moment. So, bring along the smart phone, the notebook and pen, or the digital recorder. You never know when inspiration will strike.

Carpe diem, friends. Take good notes.

Meggan Connors is a wife, mother, teacher, and award-winning author. When she’s notAuthor Meggan Connors distracted by shiny things, she can be found reading, writing, or hiking in the woods with her kids. Unless it’s cold. Or windy. Or too hot. Or she’s not dressed appropriately. Then she can be found looking at cute shoes online. 

Here’s the blurb for her latest release, Jessie’s War, a western steampunk romance out from Musa Publishing.

She’s about to become a pawn in a brutal game between nations…

The American Civil War has raged for more than ten years. The outcast daughter of a famous inventor, Jessica White has struggled to salvage what little remains of her life. Then, one cold winter night, the lover she’d given up for dead returns, claiming the Union Army bought the plans for her father’s last invention. But he’s not the only one who lays claim to the device, for the Confederacy wants the invention as well. Both sides will kill to have it.

…And only he can save her.

As an agent for the Union Army, Luke Bradshaw is a man who will use whomever and whatever is at his disposal in order to complete his mission. An attack by Confederate soldiers ensures that Jessie will turn to him for help, but Luke can’t help but wonder about the secrets she keeps–and if those secrets will ultimately prove fatal.

Meggan Connors’ blog:

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Thank you Meggan!! Here’s some cool shoes for you!

So Scribes fans – what inspires you? And who else loves to go to public places and eavesdrop, I mean, people watch?

13 thoughts on “Meggan Connors – Saucy Pirate Wench”

  1. Thanks Collette!

    Those are cool shoes! Right now I have a thing for shoes I call “the sexy pilgrim shoes.” It’s oxymoronic, but it’s true!

    These shoes are too rich for my blood (curse you, John Fluevog!), so until I’m either a best seller OR Nora Roberts decides to buy them for me, I’ll just have to imagine myself as a sexy pilgrim… Maybe I’ll write about that!

    (Here’s the link to my latest funky shoe fetish…and I mean funky in a good way, not the get-out-the-foot-spray way)

  2. Hi Meggan,
    Thanks for the great post!! What inspires me? Usually, I combine the fear of failure with half a bottle of chardonnay and voila! I love your shoes, too. Jealous. I’m not a cool shoe owner, at all. Yes, I’m that clumsy.

    1. Hi Jennifer!

      I’m clumsy too, and I occasionally have to run at work (we have runners), so it’s clogs or sensible boots. It’s why I lust after cute shoes.

      The Chardonnay works for inspiration for me, too! 🙂

    1. Hi Casey,

      I have gone to the Victorian Trading post. I got what I call my pirate shirt from them. Lace cuffs, corset ribbons in the back. It’s awesome and funky, and I have nowhere to wear it. :-/

      Those are some awesome shoes, though. And I will wear funky heels to work if I’m not seeing my runners during the day. 🙂

      I’ve had a great time being here!

  3. Those shoes are not meant for walking, at least not for me. Can’t walk in anything with a heel that slopes inside the shoe. You know, the slope that make your leg look sexy. Writing is like painting, anything can be inspiring, even shoes. I once painted my roller skates.

    My opera scene in my WIP will have my heroine wearing sexy sloped red shoes, with bows. Only thing is, her dress will cover them, it’s the Victoriana era you see. She runs out of the theatre trying to avoid her lover. I will have her running in her sexy slopes shoes. Fun. Maybe I’ll twist her ankle. Hmmm. Thanks for the inspiration and for visiting Casey.

    1. Heh. I do so love the twisted ankle at the exact wrong time. Okay, I love reading it (I really do!), but not so much living it. I’ve done that too. Only, I doubt I fell as sexily as your heroine will. After all, I fell off a curb (in front of the cute doctors), and split my pants in half. It was awesome.

      I must be a glutton for punishment, because I still love–and wear–those shoes.

    1. Thank you, Katy!

      I love the Scribes, and have been a follower since I first “met” Casey in cyber land. Just over a year now, which, in terms of my cyber-life, makes it eons (first blog I ever followed).



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