You know what writer problems are, right? They are problems we all face when we write that other non writers just don’t understand.

1. Been sitting in this chair so long I think my ass is now fused to the seat. #writerproblems

2. My characters are acting all kinds of crazy right now. Time to beat them into submission. #writerproblems

3. My book is 80,000 words. Only 40,000 of them are any good. #writerproblems

4. Everything I wrote today SUCKS. #writerproblems

5. I’m two rejections away from being able to wall paper my bedroom. #writerproblems.

6. Wrote myself into a corner. Don’t know how to end this scene. #writerproblems

7. How far should I go with this love scene? #writerproblems

8. Got a one star review of my book just because reviewer didn’t like my hero’s name #writerproblems.

Your turn! You got writer problems? Sugar wants to hear all about them. 


9 thoughts on “#Writerproblems”

  1. Welcome to the twittershere, Sugar. It’s kind of fun once you figure out the rules and best uses thing!

    I just hit the 50k mark on my WIP. #nomoresaggingmiddle #drinksRonme #lookingforwardtoTheEnd.

  2. Sugar, I’m laughing at some of these, notably #3 and #4 because that is where I was about three weeks ago. Sometimes the only way to get through it is to keep going forward so then you can look forward to #amediting.

  3. PJ & Casey, you two are funny! Loved your explanations of hastags, Sugar. I’m still trying to learn Twitter and come to accept it is now part of my daily life. Haven’t used the tags yet, but now I understand them a little better, maybe I won’t be afraid of the little dude. #sonottechsavvy! And yes, PJ, so #lookingforwardtoTheEnd!!

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