A Reader’s Point of View on Praying Circles Around Your Children

Hello, Katy Lee here. Today’s post is the first of a review series I will be holding that are more than just reviews. It is my hope, through my reader’s insights, authors will come away with some tips for their own writing. Some little tidbit that will have them looking at their work with a keener perspective — a reader’s persective. I hope to hold the Reader’s POV series on a regular basis, so look for more in the future. But as for my first Reader’s POV, please welcome Sarah Audet. She’s not a writer, but she loves to read, and that is my only requirement to be part of this series.

Take it away, Sarah!

Praying Circles Around Your Children By Pastor Mark Batterson
sarahHello Blog Readers, I am Sarah Audet. I am a stay-at-home wife, and mother of four children ranging in age from nine to nineteen. I read Praying Circles Around Your Children by Pastor Mark Batterson over the course of about two weeks, and am here to tell you what I thought. This is just my opinion, I am not a professional, just a reader.
In this book Pastor Mark tells us of a Jewish man named Honi who’s village is in a drought. The people ask him to pray, so he draws a circle in the sand, stands inside it and says he’s not coming out until God brings the rain. It sprinkles, but he doesn’t leave the circle. He keeps praying with thanksgiving until it pours. Pastor Mark says we as parents should pray like Honi for our kids. He then goes on to list five circles to pray with them and for them.
The first thing I noticed about the book was that the author was very humble. I hate pickingpraying circles up a parenting book and finding an author who thinks they have all the answers. None of us do. And Pastor Mark did not act as though he was an expert on prayer or on raising children. In fact, he admits that there are no perfect parents. Praise Jesus, I am not fumbling alone surrounded  by my friends who have it all together. His solution to our imperfect parenting is to be a “praying parent,” I like that. I know I’m not perfect. My three teenagers keep pointing it out to me, but I can look to GOD who is made strong in my weakness. He is a perfect parent.
There was one thing that bothered me about the book, though. It wasn’t a deal-breaker, just a bit of a turn-off. The author continued referring to his previous book. It felt like an ad. At one point he quoted whole sections of it. If I wanted to read the first book I would. You don’t need to advertise it in this one. That being said, I was glad I read it.
There were other benefits of Praying Circles Around Your Children. I am a person who is more productive when I have a routine outlined for me, and this book gives a routine for praying for and with each of your children. If you are a person who wants to pray for your kids, but doesn’t know where to begin, there are plenty of ideas to get you started. And these concepts work from before your kids are born until forever. I will always pray for my kids, even after they’re grown. And being an example to your kids by modeling prayer is a wonderful legacy to leave them with. Even on a child’s lowest day, they know they have the fervent prayers of their mom and dad. What a gift.
All in all, this book was a quick easy read, and it helped teach and motivate me to be a better parent, comforted me that it’s ok to not be perfect, and got me praying for my kids in a new way. A worthy read for sure.
Thank you Sarah for your review and insight. As an author, I have learned the publishing world is fast, and it’s not about your last release, but more about what’s coming. People want to know what great things they can look forward to, so I can totally understand where you are coming from about the info dump in the book about the last release.
Authors, take that as advice to wow the reader with the book they are holding, and they will go looking for the previous books all on their own. Make them second guess their current purchase, and you may lose them. Great advice, Sarah!
And authors, I hope you were able to draw on Sarah’s review to help you with your work. I encourage you to share!

2 thoughts on “A Reader’s Point of View on Praying Circles Around Your Children”

  1. Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting Katy. You offer wonderful words of wisdom. That prayer circle is wrapped and snug around our children and grandchildren. Prayer is rewrapped around each everyday. Yesterday we got a call from one of our grandchildren, who is away at college, asking us for our prayer requests. We don’t have any parents left to pray for us. We were grateful. Our children are pretty good prayer warriors themselves. Sounds like Mark Batterson has put forth some valid information. For the publishing world, based on your insight, I will remember to keep moving forward.

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