Writing for yourself

Hiddey-ho Scribblers!  J Monkeys here.  Happy Saturday to you and yours.  I’ve been thinking about audience lately, because I’ve been working on so many different projects this past year and they are for all different audiences.  One audience I’ve been writing for is a very small one – just my family. 

I’m working on a cookbook that features family recipes.  I’ve been collecting hand written recipe cards, some recently penned, and some written generations ago by folks long gone.  There’s something about a person’s handwriting that I think is fun to pass down from generation to generation.  I’ve scanned the recipe cards, and added a picture of the “chef” and a quick blurb about that person. 

It’s hard to sum up a person in three sentences – people are much too complex for that – but one thing I’ve kept in mind is the audience.  What would I want future generations to know about the last few?  I mean, my grandmother and I had major issues, but that isn’t necessarily what I’d want my great-grandchildren to know about her.  And too, some of these recipes come from folks I never knew or didn’t know well.  I’ve relied on others to share their thoughts but I’ve been careful to be sure all of the blurbs have a common tone.

Click here for an sample page from my upcoming book Gastro-Genealogy.  Unfortunately it doesn’t lend itself to cut and pasting.

Today’s Secret: don’t forget the value in writing for yourself and a small (tiny?) audience of loved ones as well as trying to reach the populace at large.

Today’s Question: What kinds of foods do you have at your family get togethers?  We have pretty much the same things at every occasion…





4 thoughts on “Writing for yourself”

  1. J. This is awesome. What a fantastic idea. Ha–it’s a run-away. I would buy it. Will you put a price on it? Thanks for sharing. And, yes, I have different audiences too!!!

  2. J,
    What a wonderful project–and you never know where it will lead you. I did a similar thing for my daughter when she got married and wanted all my recipes. That’s when I began writing. Many of our favorite recipes hove have been incorporated in The Empty Nest Cookbook.

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