Inspirational Fiction Authors: Enter the IRCA or the TBL!

Hello, Katy Lee here with a contest opportunity for all you Inspy Authors. Perhaps, though you wonder why you should enter your book. Well, because the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award is a unique contest. The judges for the IRCA are readers of Christian fiction, but are not involved in the publishing industry. They are readers ONLY.

Chip MacGregor of MacGegor Literary Agency interviewed Nancy J. Farrier, the contest coordinator this week. (For the complete interview, check out Mr. MacGregor’s Blog here.) But here are a few reasons Nancy says the IRCA can help you as an author.

“The past thirteen years I have coordinated the IRCA. I read many comments from the judges. Comments that we promised to keep private, but are often so exciting I want to send them to the author as encouragement. I’ll share a few of those comments anonymously below:

Tremendously wonderful read!…I had to have [the author’s] other books, so I ran out and bought them.

…I would definitely recommend this book and will be looking into other books by the author…

New author for me to read, but I will look for more of her books.

As a published author, think of the possibilities for reaching new readers if you entered the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award. Fans this excited would love telling everyone else about your book.”

Thanks, Nancy! And those are great reasons to enter!

Now, maybe you’re not published yet. Not to worry! The RWA Faith, Hope, and Love Chapter also offers the Touched by Love contest, open to unpublished writers. Check it out here.

And to enter the IRCA click here.

Don’t wait though. Deadline is March 1, 2013!

The Unlocked Secret: Contests can give a writer the boost they need to reach a wider audience, whether it be an editor for an unpubbed writer, or a new reader for an author. It will be worth your time and money to enter. So even if the TBL or IRCA isn’t for you, search out the contests that match your genre. Find the contest that will get your work into the desired hands that will increase your audience. You can’t go wrong! And good luck!



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