Tawny’s Top Ten Reasons to Read Romance

Years before I started writing romance, I was a voracious romance reader.  It was that love of reading romances that eventually sparked the dream to write one of my own.  To this day, my favorite way to relax is to curl up with a romance novel and get lost in the wonder of a fabulous story.

This got me thinking about all the reasons romance rocks (and hopefully reasons that people might be reading my books *g*) so I pulled together a fun top ten list…

Tawny’s Top Ten Reasons to Read Romance

  • Happy Every After’s Rock
  • Hellooooooo…  Hunky Heroes
  • We can see the world without leaving our reading-spot
  • We can travel through time in the pages of a romance
  • Did I mention hunky heroes?
  • Living out a love story as we empathize with the heroine lets us explore the wonder of falling in love
  • Romances have a message of hope, and they make us better people
  • Strong heroines teach us to be strong ourselves
  • We get to explore a plethora of job options, without having to be qualified for any of them
  • And once again, the hunky heroes!  Because it’s those sexy heroes, their enticing personalities and their many… um, shall we say talents that we love to read about in great detail

And speaking of talented heroes, here’s a peek into my latest release, A SEAL’s Surrender:

“Do you do these things just to keep me in practice?” Cade asked, grinning at his favorite perpetual-victim, her silky brown hair a dark curtain over a face he knew would be sliding into a sheepish smile.

Eden Gillespie always looked sheepish when she had to be rescued.  Something, if he’d ever considered it, he’d have figured she’d outgrow.  He eyed her legs, smooth and bare all the way to the top of her hot pink panties thanks to the way her dress was hanging.  Her arms were wrapped around the tree limb and one foot dangled while the other was caught in a snarl of branches and leaves.  Clearly he’d have figured wrong. 

“Consider it my welcome home,” she muttered, blowing a puff of air so her hair cleared enough that he could see the resigned amusement in her big brown eyes.

That was one of the things that he’d always admired about Eden.  She could laugh at herself.  So many of the girls he’d grown up with, and the women he’d dated for that matter, took themselves and life way too seriously.  They were so worried about controlling the impression they made, they didn’t let themselves just live.

Without thinking, his eyes shifted back to Eden’s legs.  Long and sleek, they wrapped around that big, hard branch.  He frowned at the scrapes and faint reddening of her tender flesh, for the first time ever, tempted to kiss away a boo-boo.  All the way up to her panties.  Practical cotton, he noted, his mouth going dry, but in a fun sassy color.  Since she was face down on the branch, the curve of her butt was perfectly highlighted in that pink fabric.  His fingers itched to touch, to see if her curves were as firm as they looked.

Whoa.  Not cool, he lectured himself.  Lusting after the sweet girl next door was walking an awfully close line to planning to settle down.  Nothing wrong with it in the big picture, but in his personal rulebook?  Totally out of the question.

“Want me to help you down?” he offered, wondering how many times now he’d had to hurry these rescues along thanks to a hit of inappropriate lust.  Because he was pretty sure he’d been hauling her out of scrapes since his pre-teen days.  But it’d only been since his rescue a couple years ago, when he’d seen her naked, that the sight of her made him instantly horny.  He sighed with relief.  There, now he was only a standard guy, not a weird pervert with a superman complex. 

“I can do it,” she muttered, tugging her foot to try and loosen it from the branch.  Her shoe, a cute little black strappy thing, was good and stuck.  She sighed and slanted him a rueful look.  “But maybe you could just unhook my shoe for me?”

Cade didn’t bother arguing.  He reached up and pulled the twigs from her shoe.  Then he wrapped both hands around her surprising narrow waist, easily lifting her from the overhead branch.  Like doing a military press, he thought with a grin as he lowered her body toward the ground. 

Except he hadn’t counted on her shocked reaction.  She gasped, struggling a little as if wanting him to let her go.  Since he wasn’t about to drop her three feet to the ground, he shifted.  Her breasts skimmed his chin.  He froze.  Other than to gasp and grab onto his shoulders for support, so did she. 

Cade had felt the same energy pounding through his body when he held a live grenade.  Danger, excitement, all senses on full alert.    

Wrong, his brain screamed.  She was the sweet girl next door.  The same girl he’d been rescuing for years.  She wasn’t supposed to inspire this degree of lust.  The kind that made him want to take her, right there against the tree.  Regardless of the fact that they’d only said a dozen or so words to each other in years, or that her friend was over there, face pressed against the window of the wrecked car, watching. 

It was neither of those things that had Cade ignoring the hot need in his belly, or his body’s demand that the taste her, touch more.

It was the flutter of Eden’s lashes.  The way her pulse trembled in her throat.  The tiny trembles of her fingers where they dug into his shoulders.  He, and his prurient desires, were out of her league. 

So, nope.  Not giving in to the need. 

But that didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy himself up to that limit line.

How about you?  Why do you read romance?  Beside the hunky heroes, that is.

Tawny Weber has been writing sassy, sexy romances since her first Harlequin Blaze hit the shelves in 2007.  A fan of Johnny Depp, cupcakes and color coordination, she spends a lot of her time shopping for cute shoes, scrapbooking and hanging out on Facebook. 

Readers can check out Tawny’s books at her website or join her Red Hot Readers Club for goodies like free reads, first chapter excerpts, recipes, insider story info and much more.  And for a limited time, she has a few open spots on her Street Team

A SEAL's Surrender


23 thoughts on “Tawny’s Top Ten Reasons to Read Romance”

  1. Hi Tawny! Hi Jen! I’m so excited to see another book out by my favourite Blaze author! My copy just arrived this week and it’s my treat for getting my pages done!

    I love reading romance because I love romantic stories *g* and happy ever afters. There is so much bad news and misery in the world, it’s lovely to escape to somewhere that has a guaranteed optimistic outcome.

    I also love what I can learn from a romance novel. Because authors have to do so much research, you often find out stuff you never knew when you read them.

    Oh … and the hunky heroes 😉

  2. Hi Anna, thanks for joining. Have you purchased A SEAL’S Surrender yet? I read it in one sitting!! Thanks for dropping by and saying hello. Tawny is on the west coast (shhh, she’s sleeping right now)….I’m sure she’ll be by later today to respond to all the comments!

  3. Hi Tawny!!

    I’m reading A SEAL’s Surrender right now. I’m loving it!

    I used to hate to read. Then my grandma handed me a romance when I was 18 and I’ve never looked back. I read an average of 100 books a year.

  4. Tawny, I love to read romance for all the reasons you do! Plus, I have learned so many things from reading historicals that I often have very interesting comments on a variety of topics. It kind of drives my DH – a huge history buff – a bit crazy. He doesn’t get the same things from all those History Channel documentaries! 🙂

    1. Bwahaaaa Caren 🙂 I love that you are learning more via the awesomeness of romance novels than what your hubbie is getting from the History Channel!! Although I think it’s stellar that both offer so much educational possibilities while entertaining so well 🙂

      Like you, I’ve learned TONS from romance novels. Not only historical bits and facts, but smattering of foreign languages, geography, politics, religion, sex *g* Its like an ongoing advanced degree program with no specific degree in mind.

  5. Hi Tawny, I just finished reading A SEAL’s Seduction and let me tell you it was H.O.T. Looking forward to reading A SEAL’s Surrender. What drew you to writing about SEALs, I mean besides the obviously hunky guys?

    1. YAY!!! I love being H.O.T. Or, rather, I love that my book is considered H.O.T. *ggg* Thanks so much, Gerri. I hope you enjoy A SEAL’s Surrender as well.

      As to what drew me, I blame my editor 😀 I’d submitted a proposal for a Uniformly Hot, since I’d written one before (2/11 -BREAKING THE RULES) and adore military heroes. She thought the concept was great, but asked that I make the heroes SEALs instead, as Blaze already had Army heroes scheduled for the 2013 Uniformly Hots. I’ll admit it, I sort of gulped. My husband was Army, so I have plenty of inside info there and can readily bug him to make sure I’m authentic. But SEALs are a totally different world. TOTALLY!

  6. Awww, Anna, thank you 😀 I’m with you on how wonderful it is to read a happy ever after outcome! Its my basic reading requirement –I refuse to invest time or emotional energy in reading something that isn’t going to make me feel good!! And YES!!! I do learn so much from books. I joke that I learned more from reading historical romances than I did in all of my high school history classes. But… yeah, its not really a joke. I’m not sure if that says more about how awesome historical romances are (and they are!) or how dismal my high school history classes were *g*

  7. LOL You’re right, I WAS sleeping, Jennifer!!!

    Thank you SO much for having me on to visit today, though 🙂 I love sharing my love of reading, and you have a wonderful site here!

  8. YAY -thank you for reading A SEAL’s Surrender, Nicole 😀 I hope you like it! I adore the animals in that story (is that bad to admit – I still adore the hero, so its not like I’m skimping on the hero love). The one dog, Alphie, is based on my mom’s little Yorkie. So precious 🙂

    I’ve always been a voracious reader. I was one of those kids that had to be nagged to go outside and play, and then I felt like I was being punished. But my family (all readers, too) always dissed the romance genre. At least, they did until I was published in it. Now they think it rocks LOL.

    Go your gramma for getting you hooked!! I’m grateful to her 🙂

    1. Hi Nancy, and thank you 🙂 I’m so excited that you enjoyed A SEAL’s Seduction and hope you like A SEALs Surrender as much!
      I love how you put that -a genre of hope. It really is! I think of it as the Happy Ever After genre LOL.

  9. Tawny, what a fun blog! Love your list! Although I have to say you’re preaching to the converted in me. I think romance novels rock. Congratulations on all the fabulous buzz you’re getting for Seal. An RT Top Pick and everybody else who picks it up seems to just adore it. Can’t wait to read it – it’s in the TBR pile.

    1. Anna!!! Hi and thank you 🙂 I’m glad you like the list, and yes, I’m totally loving the buzz my SEALs are getting. I hope readers love A SEAL’s Surrender as much as they did A SEAL’s Seduction. It’s always a little nerve-wracking having two back to back. I don’t want either one feeling left out or less loved *ggg*

      And you are so totally the converted 😀 I’d love to see your list of reasons why you rock, I mean, you love the romance genre *g*

  10. Gotta love a guy in uniform as everyone says. I have always been hooked on romances. I had a bad childhood and reading was an escape for me. I wasn’t worried about my father not being around after he died if I could be somewhere else in a book and as I got into my late teens, I picked up some of my mom’s harlequins and was hooked. I then borrowed as many books as I could get my hands on and read around homework and even used it as a stress reliever while attending college. Now I either always have a book or my kindle with me wherever I go. My family is used to me not wanting to be disturbed when I have a book in my hands. lol

    1. Mmm, the only thing yummier than a guy in uniform is that guy out of his uniform, Carolyn LOL.

      Romances, or really reading of any kind, is so wonderful for helpings us step away from life when it’s too hard to face. I was one of those readers who always had a book in my hand, too. I remember doing chores one-handed, holding the book with the other. And the number of times I ran into walls because I was reading instead of watching where I walked – no wonder I had a reputation as a klutz LOL

      That’s so great that your family understands and respects the do not disturb signal 😀 More reading for you that way!!!

  11. Hi Tawny!!

    I just finished A Seal’s Surrender! One of my favorites! I just get butterflies when I think of Cade and Eden! I read romance because I love the feeling I get when I’m reading it. Especially by authors, like Tawny, who can pull the reader in. If they are angry you are angry, if they are happy you are happy. I just get this feeling of excitement as I’m reading! I want that HEA!!

    1. HI Tonya 😀 Thank you SO much for stopping by -and for reading A SEAL’s Surender!! Ahhh, I’m so excited that it made your favorite list 😀 That rocks. I love, too, that I could give you that feeling!! I do love the HEA, too. Its like my hope for life and always so encouraging and inspiring to find it in books.

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