After a Fashion–Oscars 2013

Hey there, Scribelings. Suze here. It’s the first Thursday after the Oscars and you know what that means–it’s time for Suze’s picks for best dressed! I wish I could post actual pictures here, but I can’t because of copyright issues. So I’ve provided a link in each entry below–they’re in no particular order:

Nicole Kidman. (Click here) This dress is gorgeous. I love the metallic accents at hem, neckline and waist, and I love the sleek and simple lines of the silhouette. It’s gorgeous, classy, but with a bit of an edge. I love her hair too–so soft and feminine.

Jennifer Garner.  (Click here) Will you look at this color? Beautiful. Again, a classic silhouette, but with the unexpected addition of a frou-frou bustle/train. And check out the lovely jewels at throat and wrist. Another soft, wavy hairdo makes this a pretty much perfect look.

Maria Menounos. (Click here) Again, a beautiful color in a classic va-va-va-voom gown. Note the retro-80s high bouffant–love it! (Am I showing my age? I just want to turn on the Talking Heads and dance!)

Jenna Dewan-Tatum. (Click here) I have to include this one because, for Pete’s sake, that’s Channing Tatum’s baby in there. Sigh.

Kerry Washington. (Click here) I love, love, love everything about this gown, especially the little Jackie-O-like bow at the waist.

Now, I haven’t forgotten the guys (puhleeez!). I gave you Channing Tatum (you’re welcome) above, but here are a few more:

Bradley Cooper. (Click here). The suit is classic and perfectly fitted; the hair and scruffy beard are pure romance hero. He might be my new celebrity crush because he took his mother as his date to the Oscars.

The Avengers. (Click here). The Avenger guys. In tuxes. And you just know they all smell yummy and will always pick up the check.  {Thud} That’s the sound of me hitting the floor. No, don’t bother to wake me up. I’m having a beautiful dream.

Did you watch the Oscars? Do you care about the fashion? What was your favorite (or least favorite) look of the night?


2 thoughts on “After a Fashion–Oscars 2013”

  1. Suze, great post. I did watch the Oscars. The fashions, hair and jewelry is a wonder for me. I had a couple of favorites. Jenna had to be one. I so dislike fashions for pregnant women in this twenty-first century, this one was a relief. I think she was dressed elegantly and sophisticated, top to bottom. Cooper, for the guys, was adorable. I loved that he brought his mom along.

  2. Suze, how did I miss this post? Fab commentary and great picks for “best dressed” both male and female. Channing Tatum looks all that much sexier because he has that “proud papa” expression on that handsome face. And the Avenger guys…totally swoon worthy. I’ll be joining you on the floor…sighhh.

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