Grab A Hold and Don’t Let Go!

Welcome to another Friday. Casey here. Today I’m switching gears. I’m not going to talk about writing but reading instead.

After I finish a manuscript and send it on its merry way, I go on a reading binge. After finishing Mystic Storm, I’ve become a story glutton. If you’re my friend on Goodreads, it looks like I’ve gone crazy.

And I guess I have! I won’t bore you with all the books I’ve recently completed but I will share a few that really grabbed a hold of me and wouldn’t let me go until I hit the end.

1. The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen – this book was a Kindle daily deal. I tried a sample and within about 8 seconds I was buying it. I am not sure what age group this is really aimed for (Scholastic published it) but it has that same wide audience appeal that Harry Potter had. This book is fabulous and it’s awesome that the sequel is coming out today (March 1st). Yahoo! Seriously if you read any book on my list, read this one.

2. One Good Earl Deserves A Lover by Sarah MacLean – Here I forayed into the realm of historical romance. Omigosh, I love this author’s writing. Immediately after finishing this book I realized that this was book 2 so I bought (and read) – A Rogue by Any Other Name. Both books – Fun and fantastico! I plan on reading more of her books for sure.

Let me break here and say, notice none so far have been paranormal romance or urban fantasy. But I can’t stray too far from the genre I know and love which brings me to  . . .

3. The Woodcutter by Kate Danley. Also purchased as a Kindle daily deal. Thank you Amazon because I may have never found this book. It’s really a fairy tale of sorts. Gritty, lyrical, and poignant. If you like Once Upon a Time or fairy tales in general, you’ll probably enjoy this book.

Okay, last one.

4. Lady Almina and the Real Downton Abbey – by the Countess Carnovan. This one’s for you Downtown fans. All about Highclere Castle and Lady Almina, the 5th Countess of Carnovan. For King Tut aficionados – her husband, the fifth earl, is the very same Carnovan who financed Howard Carter’s excavation of the boy king’s tomb. I read this on my Kindle and drank up every fascinating detail.

I could go on and on. But I won’t! Now it’s your turn.

So everyone, what good books have you read lately? Please share!!


4 thoughts on “Grab A Hold and Don’t Let Go!”

  1. Thanks for sharing all these great picks, Casey. I’ve been in writer mode so not reading much. I have been impatiently awaiting Kristan Higgins’ book The Best Man (had it on pre-order) and for some reason, it is NOT on my Kindle. Not sure what happened to it, but must find out.

    While looking for it on my Kindle, though, I found Leah Shaw’s 31 Flavors and got sucked into this erotic romance immediately. I’ve been meaning to read dome of her books but since I write YA and don’t want any “uber-sexiness” to spill over, I avoid reading really steamy stuff when I’m in writer mode:-)

  2. Hi Casey, you hit a sore spot for me. I have rarely read fiction. Through my forty year career in interior design and architecture, I read professional journals, researched the history, read all the top architects, designers, read about those that changed the way we live and work, and read all sorts of important non-fiction related to my career. I am desperately playing the catch up game reading fiction b/c of my writing fiction. I have read some beautiful classics, especially have a fondness for GWTW. I love Scarlet. I am peeking at my author friends books, yours included, but it is tough trying to learn writing, read writing, and write writing. Silly me, I decided at this juncture, I will take a crack at Donald Maas and his “Writing the Breakout Novel”. I was not ready the first time I read it, but OMG, this time . . . I decided that it is imperative I read it, and, do the assignments in his workbook. In the past week, I have been reworking my manuscript. It is at least the 25 time I have edited it, and my editor edited it, and my mentor has worked on it as well. I know it will never be perfect, but I keep trying. I think my self-imposed deadline to finish in July has to be let go while I do my best to write a breakout novel. Anything worth doing, is worth doing well. Interpreting – Writing is worth doing, it then, is worth doing well! I am soaking in all the words of wisdom from so many, and tomorrow, I am going to Cherry Adair’s workshop on Long Island. The workshop is texturing and layering your story. That is what DM talks about, rich storytelling. I have been intimidated by the process, but am discovering the writer in me. What a journey. So, Casey, I will save your book list b/c I am sure they would give me some writing insights, but first, I will read through my latest learning adventure with Donald Maas. Thank you for your book list.

    1. Have fun at Cherry’s workshop! And, honestly, one of the best ways to grow as a writer, is to keep writing (and that includes moving onto new stories) and reading lots of fiction (when there’s time!).

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