Let Your Geek Flag Fly

Hi, all. Suze here, wishing you a lovely day.

logo[1]This past weekend, Mr. Suze and I attended a two-day event in New Hampshire. Our son, the Crown Prince of Hardydom, is a member of his school’s FIRST Robotics team and this was his first competition. FIRST is an organization founded by Dean Kamen (inventor of the Segway as well as numerous medical devices–and he’s also king of his own island nation, the Kingdom of North Dumpling). Teams from across the country work with local mentors on a predetermined challenge: build a robot to accomplish specific tasks. This year the robot needs to be able to shoot disks (frisbees) into a goal as well as climb a pyramid in order to score points. Click here to see the robots in action.

As I watched the competition from the stands, I couldn’t help noticing that there were a lot of, well, geeks in that arena. Proud geeks. Intelligent geeks. Geeks wearing capes and tights and labcoats and team tee shirts–working hard and having a heck of a lot of fun. And it got me thinking. We each have our own particular brand of geekness, don’t we?

Me, I’m a history nerd. If it happened a couple thousand years ago and we’re digging it up now, I’m hooked. Add an element of DNA or skeletal analysis and associated artifacts, and you can forget about dinner and clean clothes, because I’ll be parked in front of the computer or television screen sucking up factoids. I’m also fascinated by stuff like ancient languages and their relationship to modern tongues, and what they tell us about our ancestors’ migration/settlement patterns. I’m that girl who rubbernecks, nearly causing accidents, every time she drives past a house with one of those signs nailed to the front telling who built the place and in what year. If I miss it, sometimes I’ll turn around and go back and look. Later, I may Google the name and date to see if there’s any more information available. If I possibly can, I stop to read historical markers on the side of the road. I was captain of my school’s history bowl (trivia) team–2-time New York State champions!

MV5BMTMyMTQxMTQwMF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNjE5ODg4._V1._SX78_SY140_[1]So I totally get what these robot-building kids are about. And I applaud them!

Say it loud. I’m a nerd and I’m proud.

What about you? Are you ready to let your geek flag fly here at the Scribes? I’d love to hear what geeky interest keeps you away from your chores–Cryptozoology? Comics/graphic novels? Computers and technology? Experimental horticulture? Eighteenth century poetry written by nuns? Free yourself and admit it here! Inquiring Scribes want to know.


34 thoughts on “Let Your Geek Flag Fly”

    1. Oh, ZsuZsa! Have I got a cozy mystery for you! Unfortunately, it won’t be available for a long time 😦 I love the cozies too–that’s why I write them. What are your favorite series these days? I’m trying to read as many of them as I can.

      1. I’ll make you a list. And, I’m so looking forward to yours!!
        I’m writing one now that takes place in a fictional southern town, although the murder is a secondary event. What is it about these sweet, charming places that invite miscreants? 🙂

  1. I’m not a geek but I live with one…does that count? My husband is the epitome of geekdom and I love him for it. He would rather watch the History Channel, Discovery, or Nat Geo than football or baseball, spends countless hours at his computer researching everything from building materials for his next project to how to build your own drone. Um…he’s actually built one. he has a hex copter that can carry a Go-Pro camera, remotely take aerial photographs and return to its home location if it gets lost or off course. I’m expecting a call from the Pentagon any day now.

    Having been in the Space Industry building the suits for the astronauts and working on the shuttle program for over thirty years, he actually knows Dean Kamen and has participated in the robotics program at MIT. He is my go-to guy for any techno-information I need and has a knack for explaining the most technical scientific principles in a way that even I can understand. Worth his weight in gold, that man!!!

    Since you’ve met him, you already know what a sweet and lovable geek he is. I think geeks make the best heroes. I’ll take brains over brawn any day…although having both is an added bonus:-)

    1. I’ll drink to brains + brawn, PJ! But if I have to choose, I’ll take the geek every time. I like a man who can help me survive the zombie apocalypse, or any disaster, really. And you can always encourage him to lift weights after he’s done rewiring circuits and engineering potable water devices 🙂

  2. I enjoy digging in history which is why I write historical romance. No shame in being a nerd. I think it would be safe to say Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg were nerds, and they’re laughing all the way to the bank!

  3. Well, I have sorta made a career of being a geek. (That’s a thing now! Who knew? 🙂 I write superhero romance and I co-founded a site called GeekMom. And I just ordered stuff for my Wonder Woman costume for the Romantic Times BookLover’s Convention in May.

    1. I knew you’d love this post–I didn’t mention the Elves or the gods/goddesses, but I was thinking about them! We must talk about anime sometime. I want to like it, but I just don’t quite get it 😦

      1. You might want to try Avatar: The Last Airbender first. It’s an American show in the anime-style but it’s a wonderful story and I got hooked into it when I sat down with my kids and watched the Zucco episode. Because Zucco is the tortured hero-type…

      2. Cool! Thanks, Cory. I’ll watch for it! Glad you didn’t recommend Avatar the movie about the blue aliens. I got motion sickness from all the flying and swinging from trees in that movie and ended up having to run to the bathroom–let’s just say the popcorn and Raisinets made a reappearance, I have never lived this down.

      3. I agree both that The Last Airbender is awesome and that the movie Avatar was nauseating. Not just from the weird camera angles but also because blue is really not an attractive color and there was too much semi nudity, wreathing on dragons, and tail shots. The director is a sick man.

  4. I am a magic geek like Hermione, I love learning about myths, legends, energy work, fantasy, dreams, Tarot, etc. I also really love etymology or the history of words as well as languages. As a writer and business owner I am hunting for new articles and knowledge. And finally as a massage therapist I love learning new things about the body or complimentary medicine techniques for my tool belt.

    Thank you for posting this! I love being a geek.

      1. The mythic tarot based on greek myths, also love shapeshifter tarot, oracle decks like the druid plant oracle, druid tree oracle and the transparent oracle

  5. Loved watching the robots. That was pretty amazing. I don’t know if I’m a geek, but I definitely am a history buff. But I have two geeky sons, and a bunch of geeky grandkids. Must be in the DNA.

  6. What kind of geek am I not is the question. I’m into ancient civilizations, the Renaissance, science fiction (especially space operas), fantasy of all stripes, comic books, mythology, classics studies, computers, technology, programming, video games (Nintendo for life!), role-playing games, board games, gadgets, traveling, noir, black and white films, plays, language. I am a geek poster-child.

    At this moment I am listening to a book on study of the Classics (Homer and lots of other Greek geeks), and tonight I am teaching a class about comic books. I can and have had debates about who would win: Captain Kirk or Wolverine.

    My geekdom knows no bounds.

  7. I’m a history nerd, too. In college, I spent my spring break in Egypt doing a research project and many Saturday afternoons working on an archaeological dig of an old woolen mill (it’s not even ancient, just a nineteenth century mill!) Glad to find other nerds and geeks not afraid to proclaim our nerdy obsessions. 🙂

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