Happy Pi Day!

Hi, peeps. Suze here, continuing last week’s discussion on letting your geek flag fly, and wishing you a very happy Pi day.

481237_10151813240887942_1970623928_n[1]Pie? Did someone say pie? Sorry, this is not a bait and switch tactic. March 14, or 3-14, is a happy little holiday celebrating that mathematical wunderkind, Pi. Pi is defined as:

  • A mathematical constant: a number approximately equal to 3.14159 that is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter and is represented by the symbol π

Now don’t run away, screaming. I don’t find advanced math very interesting either, beyond (1) being able to balance the checkbook to see how much money I can spend on books; and (2) doubling cookie recipes.

But one thing I do find interesting is the notion of a constant. A thing whose value never changes. A thing you can always count on. Among my constants are my love for my family and friends and my love of the written and spoken word. Will those things change and grow over time? Sure. But the underlying value to me will always be there.

Pucker up, sweetie!
Pucker up, sweetie!

And now, because I feel bad about leading you on about the possibility of dessert, let’s chat over coffee and this virtual lemon meringue pie. What are your constants? What kind of pie do you like best?


3 thoughts on “Happy Pi Day!”

  1. Math makes me shriek in terror. I was a terrible math student in school. But, I do know the basics (like how to calculate percentage like for tips and sales). My constants are my family (always) and my friends (like all of you!). My favorite pie . . . hmmm. . . never met a pie I didn’t like, but if you are going to force me to choose, then I’d say Lemon Meringue. Fun to make and fun to eat.

    1. I did really well in math in high school (till I got to calculus, which baffled me)–but I only remember the basics at this point. Lemon meringue pie. Now that’s something I can appreciate!

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