Interview With A Gigolo

Hi, Scribesters! Suze here, with a special guest today. Somebody must have turned up the temperature, because it suddenly got very hot around here. Please welcome Hottie-for-Hire, Victor. He’s the star of Joy Smith’s new book Green Fire, available now. Let’s hear what Victor has to say …

Tennis, ladies?How do you keep in shape?

I have had no choice. The women don’t want flabby men. Here, feel my muscle (pumps his arm).

Ooh. Nice.

Mrs. Gallagher had a fitness center in her house. I used to go there and try out all the equipment. I was 13. Before long, I had muscles and later, at Lawrence academy, I was able to make the wrestling team {smiles} I won a lot.}

And just who’s this Mrs Gallagher. Your mother?

My lover and benefactor, for a while until… (Bows his head) my mother got sick.

Wait. Your lover? How old was she?

Older than dirt.

What do you mean?

A skinny thing with boobs dropping down to her waist. Her husband died and left her very rich. My mother was one of the maids on her staff. Mrs. Gallagher took good care of me as long as I took care of her.

So, like a Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate?

Yes, but not as pretty and sexy as Anne Bancroft was in the movie.

This must have affected you, then.

Of course. But you might say it also started me on a career.

So, what…

After mom lost her job there–cancer–She smoked like a steam ship, we managed to find a small apartment. I went to the public school, she made me, but we had trouble paying the bills. So I did what I knew, I dressed up in the nice clothes Mrs. Gallagher had bought for me, hitched a ride to the wealthy part of town, and smiled at all the older woman until one of them invited me home.

That’s sad.

Not really, it was a living. Mom got the right medical care, and before long, the upper crust matrons were talking. I had more business than I could handle.

But now…

I don’t want to be that man anymore. I want to be more than a piece of meat. I want to be respected for me, the person inside. By the way, Suze, you’re pretty cute. Perhaps I can be of service to you…no charge for friends.

(Sound of Suze sucking in a breath)
Victor, you naughty thing, you! Readers, Victor and his creator, Joy Smith, are ready to answer your questions, so ask away.

Joy Smith is the author of Oh, No, They’re Engaged!, The Empty Nest Cookbook, The Perfect First MateKitchen Afloat, and romantic suspense, Green Fire. or

12 thoughts on “Interview With A Gigolo”

  1. Yikes! You hit the jackpot, here, Victor. The Scribes might also be called cougar town with all of us “matronly-like” writers. But don’t worry, none of us are skinny, unattractive, (can’t speak for the saggy boobage), or even rich for that matter, so I think you’re safe. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Wait a minute. No one even mentioned tennis. Anything for a game, what do you say Victor. Can’t ignore the best game in the world, well, next to . . . you know.

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