Do You Remember…?

Do you remember all your plots? I mean, if you had a backlist that dated from the mid-80’s, would you remember every character, every storyline?

Several years ago at an RWA conference, I was talking with a reader who in the course of conversation told me that one of my books she liked best was the one with the nun. I said there was no book with a nun. She insisted. I was firm. She was certain. I held tight. No nuns.

A few months later, for no reason I can say, I picked up ANGEL EYES, the fifth of my five backlist reissues now available in Kindle eBooks, and there, in the opening chapters, Angelene, my heroine, in a bold move to escape the murderous future her mother has planned for her, disguises herself as a nun to try to make her way to her wealthy grandmother in England.

Really. I couldn’t believe I didn’t remember. I felt like an idiot, remembering my conversation with that reader. How could I forget a detail like that?

Since then, I’ve reread several of my backlist titles, and it was like reading someone else’s books, I was that far removed from the writing of them. They felt new, It was fun to read them, and it was interesting to see the evolution of my writing and my perspective. I kept thinking, did I really write that — then? Did I honestly get away with that scene? Those words? That many pages of foreplay and sex?

Apparently I did, and at a time when the language was much more circumspect and hard core words were tacitly not used. That my early books were reviewed as “spicy” and several years later, “erotic” is still amazing to me and a testament to how powerful everyday words can be.

These first five backlist books are all westerns.. But as I’ve written previously, my true love is antebellum romance. I wrote three of those, which are still to be released, and I’m beyond excited that these backlist titles — anyone’s backlist titles — can now have a second and longer shelf life on-line and with it, a new generation of readers.

Thea Devine is pleased to announce the following titles are now available in KIndle eBooks: Reckless Desire, Ecstasy’s Hostage, Relentless Passion, Montana Mistress and Angel Eyes. She’s currently working on an erotic contemporary romance.


5 thoughts on “Do You Remember…?”

  1. Woot! So cool, Thea. I’m so excited for you…and for us readers who haven’t had a chance to find your backlist titles yet. I look forward to reading them all! This is one of the very best “side effects” of the self-publishing boom–to have access to a forever home for great books on line–not to mention another source of “new” income for great authors who might otherwise lose out big time on the hard work they’ve done for years. Kudos, my friend!

    1. I appreciate that, PJ. Thanks. It’s a fascinating thought that any author can have a “forever” bookshelf for her work now, and interesting to even project how that will affect things in the future.


  2. Thea, how interesting. All of your information in your blogs are news to me. Really…even though I am firmly entrenched in this, what shall I call it, “Writer’s Club”.

    And, more than that, so are your books new(s) to me. How exciting. I offer my congratulations to you for being so fluid with your words. I understand forgetting, but it struck me funny that you didn’t remember the nun in your early book. With all those books, i have yet to read one. Please, of those that you have listed and are on the Kindle, will you pick one for me to read. Lighthearted and sweet/funny. What do you think?

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