Big Fat Faddy’s

Hiddey Ho, Scribblers!  J Monkeys here.  Is there a special food in your life?  One that’s hard to come by? One that on those occasions when it is available, you find that you suspend normal food rules and just gorge yourself?  I do.

chubby hubbyNow, I’m an ice cream and pastry girl.  You can keep your salty snacks and rich foods, I love me the ice cream.  Ben & Jerry and I are unusually close.  It’s nice that they sell their frozen gold in those pint sized single serving containers.  Has anyone ever gotten four helpings out of a pint of Chubby Hubby?  That’s just laughable!  In fact, I’ll be taking a tour of the B&J factory on my birthday – how cool is that?!

I also love pie.  Fruit pies, in particular, but pumpkin (I guess it’s technically a fruit – got seeds inside and all), chocolate cream, pecan, coconut cream…mmm, mm, mmmmm!  My favorite uncle used to say that his favorite kind of pie was whatever one sat in front of him.

And I’m often moved to consume all kinds of pastry.  Surprisingly, I don’t love cake.  I like frosting…but the cake’s gotta be something special for me to bother with it.

But my most treasured treat is one where the supply is spotty and inconveniently located: Faddy’s donuts.  faddysFaddy’s has an apple cider donut that is piping hot, covered in cinnamon-sugar, crispy on the outside and cakey on the inside.  OMG – I gotta tell ya, it’s even better than a Krispy Kreme (also very hard to come by in my neck of the woods.)

But, Faddy’s has an outdoor donut-makin’ truck in front of Cabela’s in East Hartford, CT.  That’s a 30 minute drive for me, completely out of the way of my normal haunts.  My family likes to browse at Cabela’s but not more than a couple of times a year.  And the truck isn’t always there, or always open.  For example, my hubby (not chubby!) and I were at Cabela’s a couple of weeks ago but Faddy’s wasn’t open.  It was cold, rainy and a Tuesday morning which is probably why the outdoor truck wasn’t operating at full donut speed.  We somehow managed to live with our disappointment. 

But today (Oh Happy Day!) my hubby went back to Cabela’s after work (somewhat more convenient than going from home) because they had failed to remove the anti-theft tag from his new coat.  Joy of Joy’s – he brought home a dozen Faddy’s (still warm!) and a now tag-free coat. 

We waited until the kids were safely in bed and then devoured a half a dozen each.  Delicious – although now I feel a little bit…full.  Don’t think too badly of us for not sharing – one of my sons is allergic to wheat.  He can’t eat one and it wouldn’t be fair to give one to his twin. 

Now – I just learned (when Googling for this post) that Faddy’s is opening some kind of donut and ice cream shoppe in Bloomfield Ct.   Here’s the link – if you are in the area, it definitely worth a stop. 

What does this have to do with writing, you ask.  Not much – although now that I think about it, you might want to know what kinds of foods your characters like, things like that. 

Today’s Secret: Faddy’s – not a secret any more!  Donut delight!

Today’s Question: do you have a food like this?  One that you can only get sometimes?  Suz told me about some kind of fresh Upstate NY cheese curd that has to be tried while still on the farm for the full effect…


4 thoughts on “Big Fat Faddy’s”

  1. I love hanging out at Cabela’s these days and since I work close by, I often stop in to “browse”. I’ve seen (and smelled) the “evil” donut truck outside, but have always resisted the urge to indulge. It seems the older I get, the more food intolerant I become. The wonderful taste of some delectable treat isn’t usually worth the bloated, crampy, icky feeling I get after eating it…or the extra “donut” around my midsection. With working out as hard as I am to lose said “midsection donuts”, I’m an absolute food nazi about what i’m putting into my body these days. I’ve all but eliminated wheat, gluten, sugar, and since I’m lactose intolerant, ice cream is off the list as well. Tragic…I know! I do love me some pie, though, and am willing to take a lactaid and suffer the consequences for coconut cream anything;-)

  2. J, you did get me thinking about the food my characters like. They have lots of tea, but rarely eat. Hmm, better fix that. I don’t think they had donuts in 1860’s. I’ll research donuts in the 19th century. Thanks for the reminder. I don’t like donuts, unless they are filled with buttercream, the wedding cake kind. And then you can throw out the outside and just give me the filling. Yum.

  3. I love cupcakes! And Ben and Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream. I also love the middle of cinnamon buns.Yum…. All not diet friendly but sometimes you just got to have it.

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