A Rose By Any Other Name . . . Our Guest, Rebecca Rose

Happy Friday! Casey Wyatt here. Please join me in a big Scribes welcome for Rebecca Rose! Rebecca is a fellow member of CTRWA and a very talented, multipublished author. Also, she’s a lot of fun and fearlessly wears shoes that cause a mere mortals to weep!!

Tell us about your latest novel –Midnight Sunrise?

Gunnery Sergeant Jake Sanders may have survived the ambush, but he will need more than Marine strategies to escape the mental warfare he now lives in. When Sophia Agnés begins working for Jake, her stubborn and sometimes volatile qualities never picture038allude to her fight for self independence, or the passionate impact she will have on his recovery.

Being an ex-ballerina Sophia understands the words loyalty and hard work. When she falls for Jake with the force of a concussion grenade, she must decide if she has the courage, honor, and commitment, to make them a team that can defeat any enemy. Even an invisible one.

-A long time ago I read a story about a Gunnery Sergeant who came back from the war. He seemed perfectly fine, did normal things. Until one day he dressed in his military uniform, shined his shoes, and killed himself. This story stuck with me because of the many in my family who serve, and have served, in the armed forces. My grandfather never talked about his time in WWII, but I occasionally heard his screams in the night when I stayed with them.

This story took me two years to write and research. I needed to get all my information correct as to honor the men and woman who have served. My uncle Sergeant First Class Bernard Bolduc and my step-father First Sergeant Scott Ryer, assisted me with the scenes that were too emotional and too complicated for a civilian to understand. My step-father also helped me understand PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and Disassociation Disorder in the military. Being the man military personnel go to setup health appointments with, Sergeant Ryer’s input became vital to the authenticity of my story. (I was totally drained when I finished this novel and in bad need of a beer!)

Tell us about your previous publications –

 Divine Redemption is a story I selfishly wrote all for myself. It took two and half weeks and I didn’t change much of the original draft. I love a redemption story and believe everyone deserved a second chance. I’m just really glad my family gave me one at the end of this writing blitz. There was no food or clean clothes during that time.

BLURB: Sometimes Redemption Is The Only Salvation Needed To Forgive Yourself.

In his first ever selfless act Donald Write takes a bullet for a man he just met, Daniel Allen. Now he’s changed his name and moved across the country to live with Daniel’s family whose welcoming home reception wasn’t very warm.

Jacqueline is Daniel’s daughter. This soft spoken, well dressed lady soon teaches Donald that looks can be deceiving and her heart can be his if he’s willing to open up and except her gift of love.

Donald hadn’t counted on the intense and immediate attraction to Jacqueline. She’s the boss’s daughter and off limits; that is until he finds himself with an irresistible primal need to be with her. She shows him love in a way he’s never felt before and gives him the strength to become the better man he’s always wanted to be. But how can Donald touch and care for someone so pure of heart when their future can be destroyed by his past? A future built on redemption and second chances.

 Divine Turmoil is the first novel I ever wrote and it changed my life. I always knew I wanted to be a writer, even did small poems and stories for my local newspaper. However, this particular story cemented the storyteller in me. J

BLURB: Who Said Coming Home Was Easy?

Many people have felt the urge to get out.  It can affect even the most practical of people.  When one leaves and has to return, it can evoke feelings of failure.

Serena O’Neal is feeling just that.  Her resentful sister is now tossing their mother’s illness in her face. The blame needs to be placed somewhere, and Serena is the perfect scapegoat.

Brian Allen doesn’t believe in second chances.  He’s been down that road before, and thinks of himself as a failure when it comes to relationships.  However, Serena’s carefree personality and hidden fragility are too much for Brian to ignore.  He finds himself needing to take care of her, while his heart is falling deeply in love.

In life, unexpected surprises can be the most pleasant of astonishment’s. When Serena is faced with unconditional love, she runs once again. With a sudden revelation, she’s forced to go back home and face the mess she has created.  In doing so, she must not only convince the man she loves to forgive her, she must also forgive herself.

Please share your path to publication. I understand you started out with a digital e-publisher. What was that experience like? And why did you decide to go the traditional route?

I can’t say I really decided to go the e-pub route because I feel it picked me. After a hundred or so rejections from publishers and agents (some held Divine Turmoil up to ten months) I made a decision…if I didn’t land a contract in six months, I was going to self the career change. One day surfing the web I found Lyrical Press’s website. The minute I saw it, read about Renee Rocco, I knew it was my home. I sent my query, synopsis, and full manuscript (per their request) and a week later they offered me a contract. I loved being a Lyrical Press author; they all work together so well. But, I wanted a bigger press; somewhere I would be able to touch more readers with my divine redemption covertales.

Favorite pastime when not writing?

Totally messing with my children! LOL Really, we have the most fun. We’re a household of jokers. What’s really great is that as they’ve gotten older (17, 13, & 9) they still want to spend time with us. How crazy is that?

What advice do you have for newbie writers?

WRITE IT AND BE PROUD!! I didn’t tell anyone that I was writing until after receiving my first contract. I didn’t want to hear, “Oh, Becc thinks she’s going to be a writer. What is she thinking?” Actually, I did hear that one, but ignored them all. Believing in yourself is the key to any success. Now when people excuse my profession for writing fluff and eating Bon-bons it doesn’t hurt so much. I know the pain, tears, and sleepless nights they don’t realize are part of the job. I believe there is an illusion when it comes to a writers’ life and the reader really doesn’t want to know about. For instance; that I’m typing this (right now) with two cats curled up to me, I’m bone tired with eye strain from typing for hours, I don’t have high heeled feather slippers on but I do have pink flannel PJ’s and mismatched socks. See? I ruined it for ya, didn’t I? LOL

If you could travel back in time and forewarn your newbie writer self, what advice would you give her?

Oh Gosh! There are so many polar sides to me. I think I would tell her to be kinder to herself. While I don’t mind being late–most of the time, while I manage to let many things roll off of me, when I first started writing seriously I gave myself NO wiggle room. I’m still a stickler with perfection and reprimand myself for not knowing enough; however, I’m not losing sleep anymore from second guessing me. So, yes. I’d tell myself, “chill out!”

Do you have any other novels coming out soon? And can you give us a hint about them?

Yup, I have Midnight Sunrise and it’s follow up, which is yet to be titled. The follow up is fun. I really like torturing my characters.

Then I will be finishing up Noble Deception, which is an emotional mess for two people who clearly are supposed to be together except one of them is engaged!

Then I have the third installment to the Divine Series, Divine Valor, which will tell Gabe’s story.

Yikes, I better get cracking!

Now, you didn’t think you’d get away without answering a question about The Doubt Monster, did you? Does he or she plague you? And if so, how do you deal with him or her?

Oh, I didn’t think you would let me slide on that one! LOL That darn Doubt Monster is awful. J

My monster is conflict. I never feel I have enough of it, and adequate emotion to go with it. This is usually when my family suffers because I get upset about the scene not working out and I end up causing the conflict! LOL I tend to get the scene done after that. (In all fairness, I announce when this is happening and tell them that I’m looking for a fight. Everyone in the house is well trained now.)

Quiz time!

Favorite food?  Guacamole!! YUMMY (I do consider this a food)

Favorite place to visit? Our family vacation spot in Maine. It’s a little scary because we’re so far from civilization but, with no electricity all you can hear is your thoughts. The beavers and loons in the water are pretty cool, too.

Guilty pleasure? Really, really bad movies and TV. I’m so addicted to it. I drive everyone in the house nuts. Heeheehee

Sexiest man on earth? Sexiest woman?  Besides my husband? Hmm…Hugh Jackman. The man is incredible and I love him. The body, the talent, and–oh my–the accent!!! Guacamole and Hugh, now that’s a dream come true. J

Sexiest woman I would have to say Angelina Jolie. She beautiful inside and out. I like how she’s just a little crazy and believe that’s what makes her a great mom. Her volunteer work has touched millions and she’s ready to kick butt at any time. Truthfully, I think I might have a girl crush.

Stiletto heels or flats? Stilettos!! I’m a heel girl. Love, love, love them. Mark, my husband, gave me six inch stilettos for Christmas. Then there are these totally cool pink ones I just bought last month. I wasn’t wearing them for a while because moms can’t run after active kids in them. So, they were turned in for funny, ugly sneakers. The kids are glad I’m in heel mode, again.

On a guy – Tattoos or piercings? Oh, dear. The hubby has both! I’d have to say tattoos. For our eleventh anniversary we didn’t know what we were going to do without children.

He said, “Hey, wanna get tattoos?”

“Sure! Why not,” I said. And that’s how I got the phoenix on my hip. Mark has…umm…five, I think. Maybe more. I keep trying to convince him to get more. I giant one across his chest would be…WOW! *giggles*


Once Rebecca Rose picked up her first romance novel she knew her destiny was typed on those pages. She lives to find romance in ordinary life doing everyday things, and believes we only need to be mindful enough to find it. While being slightly dyslexic creates some challenges, she feels compelled to write about the characters who reside in her head.

Now with multiple books published, she is a full-time writer with a nag for a muse who even talks obsessively in the car. That is, of course, when the voice can get a word in edgewise with her three children and husband of nineteen years along for the adventure.

Rebecca hopes her writing brings you to laugh, cry and rejoice with her characters. picture004Maybe even leave a lasting impression on your soul.

Buy link: http://lyricalpress.com/divine-redemption/

EXCERPT: When an intense attraction leads Donald into Jacqueline’s compassionate arms, he discovers redemption and second chances can be his–if he can stop his past
from destroying their future.

“Hey, Donald, I need that expense report. Where are you?”

“Under the desk.” Since Donald started working for the Allens, he’d learned a valuable lesson in patience. Not touching Jacqueline was the hardest thing he’d ever done.

“You know, Donald, there’s talk that you’re the most eligible bachelor in town.”

Donald craned his head to look at her. “That’s my chair you’re sitting in.”

“Yes, but I like the view of your behind.”

He wiggled it for her and she laughed.

“Donald, what are you looking for?”

“I dropped my paperclips.”

His dry response had another giggle coming from her.

“You’re too cute.”

“I’m not trying to be cute. This job really sucks sometimes, you know.”

“But you’re so good at it.” She rubbed her foot along his bottom, then attempted to go between his legs but Donald closed them.

“We talked about this, Jacqueline.” He turned and placed a hand on each of her knees.

“I’m only flirting with you.”

“You’re sexually harassing me, and I believe there’s a strict policy about that.”

“Donald,” she said, bringing her face close to his.

“Ya.” His eyes went to her lips and back to her eyes.

“I need that expense report.”

Thank you so much for having me I had a lot of fun.

Have a Sparkling Day!

Rebecca Rose

Thanks for being our guest today, Rebecca! Don’t be shy Scribes fans, if you have a question, ask away!.

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  1. I’m with Jamie. If there’s no electricity, does that mean…no hot water? (Kristan slumps to the floor in despair.) Loved reading this, Rebecca! All the best on the books!

  2. So much I didn’t know about you, Rebecca! I see a guacamole and margarita night out coming up! I loved your excerpt…very fun! Congrats on your latest contract with Grand Central. Kudos, girlfriend!

  3. Rebecca, good to see you here, especially on this rainy, windy, write in front of the fireplace day. Your excerpt was wonderful. Wishing you more good things. Thanks for visiting Casey.

  4. I loved the excerpt, Rebecca, and agree my father and brothers never talked about their times at war. It must weigh heavy on each of them. I can’t wait to read this book.
    PS: My idea of camping is the Hyatt with room service!

    1. This is totally something that came with the marriage! I have no choice!!! LOL Hence, why I go and stay at every conference I can. Loved see you here, sweetie!

  5. Thank you so much for making me feel welcomed! I would have been here sooner but my internet decided to take the day off on my laptop. LOL Guess she’s tired for all the typing.
    Everyone Have a Sparkling Weekend!

  6. Oh my, girl! Just looking at those shoes make me feet hurt! LOL No shoes? Now you’re talking. Give me a pair of flip-flops with bling and I’m good to go…all year ’round. Love the interview, sweets!

  7. Great interview! You sound just like the girl we all know and love. I am proud to be your friend. You are an amazing and talented woman who can do anything you set your mind on. So, do you think you can teach me to walk in those shoes??

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