My Muse – Nike by Vivienne Ylang

Hello Scribe-verse, Vivienne Ylang posting today.  Long time, no write!  I’ve been writing my current WIP for quite some time – nearly a year.  I had some early missteps along the way, but these last few months, the problem has been focus.  I’ve  looked at my To-Do lists for the last several weeks and realized that the thing that gets crossed off the least often is actually one of the things that is most important to me – writing time. 

I’m a mom, like many of you, and most days I spend my time doing things for others – the kids, the hubby, the household.  And day after day, week after week, the thing that doesn’t make it to the top of the priority heap is the thing that matters to nobody but me. 

just do itI can’t even blame anyone else for this – I’m the person who chooses what I’ll accomplish in a day.  So, starting this week, I’ve take a hint from the athletic shoe people, Nike, and I’m gonna Just Do It.  I managed to dedicate four hours to writing this week and I feel really good about that.  In fact, I feel like I’m on a roll and I’m gonna cut this blog post short and go work on my novel.  And you should, too!

Today’s Secret: Drop what you are doing (reading this) and go work on your WIP for 30 minutes.

No time for questions today – seriously – stop reading this and go write!


One thought on “My Muse – Nike by Vivienne Ylang”

  1. Thanks for the kick in the pants, Viv! If I wasn’t going to spend the day with my CTRWA peeps, I’d be diving spending the next eight hours on editing my WIP. I got up early though to spend my 30 minutes with uber trainer Jillian Michaels–another butt kicker! maybe tonight, I’ll get to those edits:-) I’m so looking forward to a full day to get-er-done!

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