Must Buy Authors by Vivienne Ylang

Happy Saturday Scriblings!  Vivienne Ylang here.  Do you have must-buy authors?  You know, those handful of authors whose books you love so much that whenever a new one comes out you are compelled to buy it immediately (if not pre-order!) and devour it right away?  I know I do. 

Here’s what happened to me this week.  Tuesday morning, I was checking my emails from bed before I got up – aren’t smartphone’s great?  Goodreads kindly informed me that a book I had flagged as To Be Read was available to purchase that morning.  This was bad news for me. 

roses in moonlightSomehow, I had misread Lynn Kurland’s website and mistakenly had the idea in my head that she didn’t have a new romance coming out until September this year.  I knew that was unusual, but figured the vagaries of publishing had pushed her out from her regular spring offering. 

For me, Lynn Kurland is a “must buy and devour” author. 

This was a problem this week because I had an insanely busy week last week.  The kind of insanely busy week that takes two weeks of normalcy to recover from.  Which meant that I didn’t have a day to avoid all other responsibilities and read a book, cover to cover.  And that’s how I read a Lynn Kurland book – start to finish.  I might put it down to use toilet paper, but that’s about it. 

So being informed that an unexpected treat was waiting for me at the break of dawn on Tuesday was a problem.  I made it all the way to Wednesday without buying the book.  And I didn’t finish reading it until Thursday evening.  Honestly, that’s something.  I mean, it shows actual dedication to kids and job.

Roses in Moonlight was a delight.  Wonderful characters as always: a heroine I’d like to be friends with and a hero worthy of a few hours of mental disloyalty to my beloved husband.  It was well worth the $7.99 I spent on it at B&N.  If you haven’t read a Kurland, do yourself a favor and give her a try. 

Today, I want to know your secret.  Do you have must-buy authors?  Who are are they, why do you like them and do you ever have trouble putting real life aside to fall into a good story?


4 thoughts on “Must Buy Authors by Vivienne Ylang”

  1. Elizabeth Peters, Jacqueline Winspear, Ann B. Ross, Stephen King, Mike Carey, and if Diane Setterfield ever puts out another novel **tapping foot impatiently** I will be first in line to buy it!

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