Premonition of Terror by Kathryn Orzech

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Happy Wednesday.  I was called out of town for the day job and am unable to be with you today. So, I put a call out for reinforcements to take my place and the lady who answered will freak you out!! (She probably already knew I needed a guest, if you catch my drift!)

Please give a big ole’ Scribes welcome to: Kathryn Orzech!!!

Paranormal. Fiction. Fact. While writing Premonition it was difficult to tell them apart. 

Hi everyone. Thanks for coming. And thanks to Seven Scribes for the invite. KO here.


Premonition of Terror began with a dream, shifted into paranormal, and I’m not sure it has ended with this book. Much of my writing explores what happens when ordinary people find themselves in extraordinary circumstances, when fate has another plan for them. I’m no more psychic than most, but I accept and trust my sixth sense and pay attention to signs.

Decades ago when I was lost, I asked higher powers for direction. I woke the next morning with the idea to create a website where ordinary people could share psychic dreams and premonitions. Okaaay! The supernatural curiosity of my twenties had long faded so this came from afar. The internet was new to my town and I’d heard of it, but I sure wasn’t on it, yet the site idea was so specific—and so clear. I’d follow the path until I hit a roadblock.

That day at work I looked over the shoulder of a young woman as she surfed websites and it was obvious I could use my graphics skills to design a site like those on her screen, so I took it as a sign. Same day, a co-worker asked if I’d be willing to trade services: a logo design for his son’s new software company in exchange for free website hosting. The second sign. I swear this is true.

He’d register my domain name (huh?) and get me online as soon as I wanted. He warned that .com names might be taken, but they were gold, so my list of alternates should be generous. Overnight, I listed thirty names in preferential order and he’d work down the list until he snagged one.—my very first number one choice—was available. The third and flipping HUGE SIGN.

Seeing the signs. And we’re off … 

People actually wrote to the site and I posted their paranormal stories, submitted from at least 20 countries and 36 U.S. states. I’m no longer surprised that people wrote. They’re often frightened and seek validation. Family and friends called them crazy. They wrote about personal events, like knowing who’s calling, seeing an auto accident days ahead, or smelling a loved one’s perfume the moment they had died.

Like my protagonist Kate, I imagined Dreamwatch to be important and relevant, a warning system—before the bridge collapsed or the plane crashed or the mud slid—you get it.

But that’s not what people wrote about … until they did 

I just slipped into fiction because the site submission’s don’t predict world events (well, a few did and my stomach sank when I read them) but I had a solid story idea: What if similar premonitions from around the world predicted the same deadly event? Who would I tell? What would I do? If you were the only person who knew, what would you do?

The plot for Premonition of Terror was born and from the start I had my hook:, true paranormal experiences, began as a hobby. It was supposed to be fun—until premonitions from around the world predict the same catastrophic attack. 


Beyond coincidence? A true premonition? 

I wrote Premonition of Terror in less than six months, research and all. I couldn’t type as fast as my brain was working. The original title was but Premonition of Terror seemed better for a “Premonition of …” series if that happens. But the title change (May 2011) seems even more important because of recent events and the whole idea of it chills me. My two terrorist characters—with a Russian connection—plan an attack in a major northeast city. You can guess which one. And though it’s taken a couple of years of revisions, conferences, professional editing, pitching and queries, agent then no agent; if I hadn’t asked BookBaby to make changes, Premonition would have been released on April 15, 2013. What are the chances? Seriously!!!

When coincidence stretches beyond belief I look elsewhere for answers. More often for me I don’t look for them, they knock me on my head. If the story was a true premonition of terror, I had only grasped its fringe with sloppy details, still, it makes me ask: How can we know of a future event unless it’s set and destined to unfold? Are some major events our inescapable fate? What do you think?

Premonition of Terror 

Premonition of Terror, a paranormal thriller with strong romantic elements, has just been released in ebook format at most major book retailers, softcover in summer 2013. View the trailer with no ads at Dreamwatch. Or on Facebook or YouTube.

Read what others wrote or tell your spooky story at
If a premonition warned you of a tragic event, what would you do? Who would you tell?



6 thoughts on “Premonition of Terror by Kathryn Orzech”

  1. What a fascinating concept for a book. I can totally see it as a series. I am a firm believer in fate, destiny, and our human capacity for precognition. Some people are just more open and susceptible to the information that is available to us all. I often know when a friend is about to call, have occasional dreams that foreshadow an event, or generally am struck by signs and coincidences which in fact are clear messages for me to pay attention. I’ve accepted it as part of my human experience and feel privileged to have an awareness and sensitivity to such things. Thanks for heeding the message and offering a safe haven for dreamers to share their stories.

  2. Hi PJ. Thanks for your comment. I totally agree about signs and coincidences and it’s probably easier to tune into them than we think, if we can clear the clutter of daily life from our minds and just stop for a moment. Since Dreamwatch has been collecting stories, I’ve been struck by the cross-cultural (and age-defying) apprehensions and fears, and the dismissive reactions of family and friends—and that’s the reaction my protagonist Kate faces when she tries to warn of a deadly attack: No one believes her. No one will help. But she can’t let it go.

  3. Hi, Kathy, my fellow Sister in Crime! Welcome to the Scribes. Your real-life story is fascinating and I can’t wait to read this book. And the cover is so cool. I absolutely believe in signs, btw 🙂

  4. Hi Susannah, Thanks for the warm welcome. About the cover: The Charles Bridge in Prague becomes an important psychic symbol in Kate’s (protagonist) dreams. Most often I have an image in my head, then I search for a close real-life match. I found the perfect shot on a stock photo site (123RF, very user-friendly) and have since contacted the photographer in Prague to show him how I used his photo on the cover and in the trailer. Turns out his wife works in publishing and she likes the cover, too.

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