M. Leighton Pulls Her Book From the Shelves

Hello, Scribes Fans. Sugar here. I’m sure some of you may know that indie author M. Leighton pulled her book UNTIL I BREAK from the shelves today.

Why? That’s a very good question.

If you want a synopsis of the book click HERE. I learned about this after seeing a conversation on Twitter about it. For me 97% of Twitter is white noise but this topic grabbed my interest and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. An author pulling her own book? Not because of low sales, not because it was poorly edited or badly written but because it was too dark, too ugly for some readers tastes.

Here’s what Leighton had to say about it.

When I wrote Until I Break, I could’ve watered down the story, made it more palatable, easier to accept.  But as an artist, I didn’t want to cheat Sam and Alec out of their story.  As I’ve said before, life isn’t always pretty, but I had hoped that the majority of people would be able to see beyond the ugly to the wonderful story of love and acceptance and healing that was embedded in Until I Break.  Sadly, that hasn’t turned out to be the case.

So, rather than risking people misunderstanding Sam and Alec and, therefore, me as a person and author, I’m pulling the book from publication. It will no longer be available in any format from any source after tomorrow.  Yes, I could leave it out there to earn money, but every cent would be bitter, knowing that there are some who not only don’t “get” the story, but who are misunderstanding it in a disheartening way.

Every book is not for every reader. We all know that. And no matter what we write we always know that there are going to be readers out there who don’t like or misunderstand our work. I think that’s all apart of being a writer.

And as another writer that makes me so dissapointed in Ms. Leighton. If you want to read her entire post click HERE. We’re writers here so we know what it’s like to pour ourselves into something and I can tell that from Leighton’s words that she loved these characters and their story. I’m sad that she pulled it down. I sad that she cared enough about what a few people thought that she had to hide it from the world. I’m sad that she didn’t say F YOU and stand by it. 

Part of me gets it. Our books are like our babies and we want to protect them, but sometimes being a good mother is letting your baby go out there into the world and letting it fly. I wished she would have let it fly. Especially since it seems that more people loved the book than hated it, more people thought it was insightful and thought provoking and compelling. 

Part of me thinks that Leighton is pulling some big trick on us, that by announcing that she was pulling her book she drove people into a frantic rush to buy it and see what was so dark about it. Last night her book was number 6 on the Amazon list. Even I was sucked in and Until I Break is so not my kind of book. And if it is a trick it’s damn near brilliant. I hope she is laughing all the way to the bank.

So what is your take on this? Would you pull a book that you loved even though some people didn’t understand it?


12 thoughts on “M. Leighton Pulls Her Book From the Shelves”

  1. Nope! I would not. If I couldn’t stand by one of my books, I wouldn’t have let it go out into the world. Being published is a risk, and not everyone will like what you’ve written. That shouldn’t come as a surprise to any author, especially an experienced author.

  2. It’s a tough call, I think, and one that the author has to live with in good conscience. If I believed in the story enough to pour my soul into it and publish it, I would be hard pressed to take it down on the reviews of a few readers who may have misunderstood the message. But if I was concerned that it would discourage many readers from ever picking up another of my books, or that it somehow tainted my image and brand, I might consider it a wise career move.

  3. Call me cynical, but I’m guessing that in a week or so, the outcry over her pulling the book will have been so great that she will have no choice but to cave into her fans’ wishes and reluctantly republish it.

  4. I don’t get it. Why would you release a book in the first place if you have such a fear of rejection? And rejection by who? Some readers? I’m sure other readers will love the story. We all get bad reviews. Big deal. Don’t read ’em. I’ve written some very difficult, painful books. The stories are personal. I love the characters. But I want the stories read. Criminy.
    Maybe this is a marketing ploy, and if so that’s even worse.

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