The Bucket List–Part Deux


Hello, Scribelings! Suze here. Glad you could join us.

images[5]A few months ago I did a post about some of the things on my personal Bucket List (click here). I am thrilled to say that, tomorrow, I will be crossing something off that list: ride in a limo! Yup, I’m traveling in style to a luncheon on Long Island along with some of my favorite CTRWA friends/colleagues, and I could not be more excited! (I take that back. If a shirtless Joe Manganiello turned out to be the limo driver, I would be more excited. But you know what I mean).

As for the other items I posted, I’ve made some progress on the “run a 5K goal” by taking some baby steps toward fitness and better health with the help of a very knowledgeable friend. Conceivably, this goal could be reached by the end of the year.

Seeing the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. Planning to do this one this December. Let me know if you want to come along!

Finding a lost family heirloom: Have not done any work on this and it will have to remain on the list for a while as other commitments take precedence. I might contact a local museum curator, though, and find out if there is any kind of database of museum holdings I could access.

All in all, not too bad. Now, there are other BL items I didn’t tell you about. One of them, a pretty big personal and professional goal, I’ll be able to discuss very soon when certain paperwork is complete. (Stay tuned in the next few weeks!) Another is a nonfiction project I’ve wanted to do since I was a teenager. Over the years I’ve collected some information about this topic, and I’ve even used some of it in my first novel, but I’ve always wanted to do a real thesis-style research project on it. Again, other commitments are pushing this off into the future, but I’ll think about any small steps I could take just to keep this dream alive in the meantime.

So how are you doing? Making any progress on your list? Do you even have a list (if not, maybe you should)? What are some of the items on it? Can you accomplish any of them this year? Can you do a little something to get yourself closer to achieving it? Will Suze ever stop asking questions, LOL?




4 thoughts on “The Bucket List–Part Deux”

  1. Excellent progress, Suze. Can’t wait to hear about the limo ride. The first of many, I’m sure. I don’t really have a bucket list. There are always places I’d like to see–Hawaii being one–and things I’d like to do–like an African Safari–but I’m pretty content with the fact that my life has been very full and that I continue to live each day in a way that celebrates all that life has to offer:-)

  2. Bucket list . . . what’s that? I refuse to have one of those. With my Nike philosophy, “Just do it,” I do my best NOT to have one. Am I in denial, you bet honey. Fun post, congratulations on your accomplishments Suze.

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