There’s a Story Behind This

My father turned sixty this week. Sixty. I can’t believe it. My daddy, who to me never ages, turned sixty years old. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around this. He’s a grandfather. And every time I hear that word in my parent’s home I automatically think of my own grandfather. Not him. It doesn’t seem right that we are all getting so damn old.

But still we had to celebrate his life and what better way than to spend the day in NYC. My nineteen year old cousin was visiting from Georgia and had never been to Manhattan. So we all decided to give her the tourist treatment. Times Square. Rockerfeller Plaza. I love New York tee shirts. Food that comes off a cart.

Even though I’m a native New Yorker. Even though I had been to Manhattan more times than I can count it was so interesting to see the city through another’s eyes. My cousin is a sweet southern girl. She isn’t jaded and when she saw the huge buildings and the masses of people her eyes lit up like fireworks on the fourth of July.

And then this happened. 

The oddest moment of my life.
The oddest moment of my life.

Yup, that. That’s my father and two of my brothers in a picture with Naked Cowgirl, Sandy Kane.

How did my brothers and father come to be in the picture with her? Well, I’m still confused by it myself. My youngest brother spotted the lovely and talented Ms. Kane first. (It figures. That kid can spot a pair of boobies a mile away.) In a stage whisper he says, “Sugar, turn around.” I do and of course I get an eye full. I have a horrible poker face. I’m sure my eyes widened and my mouth dropped. I blindly reached over and tapped my mother on her shoulder. She sees what I’m gawking at. “What in the world…” escapes from her mouth.

That seemed to be Ms. Kane’s invitation to walk over. She asked us if we wanted a picture, to which six of us decline. But my father, my straightlaced, never had a sip of alcohol in his life, former hardened NYPD police officer father says, “Hold up. We’re getting a picture.”

To say we were surprised is an understatement. But there he was pushing my brothers toward Ms. Kane, who seems delighted that she is going to have her picture taken. At first my father wasn’t going to be in the picture, but my mother, his wife of thirty-six years told him he’s getting in that picture to. It was his birthday. He had to.

And that’s how that picture came about.  It totally made my father’s day. But what we didn’t know at the time was that Ms. Kane is a celebrity. (How could she not be?) The sixty year old is a former stripper, FIT student and public access host, who was featured on America’s Got Talent. She was also sued by THE NAKED COWBOY. For infringing on his schtick.

The writer in me knows that there is some kind of great story behind Sandy Kane’s life. I hope one day she sits down and tells it.

And as for my sweet southern girl cousin. She asked us to get her out of there. New York City was just too much for her.

What about you? Do you have any New York tales?


4 thoughts on “There’s a Story Behind This”

  1. LOL, love it! I remember thinking the Naked Cowboy looked rather worn when the RWA convention was in Manhattan. I suspect he was the subject of a *lot* of pictures that week…

  2. YIKES! And to think mommy okayed daddy be in that picture. Your mommy is okay in my book! Naked lady needs a breast lift, what say you? Imagine how heavy they must be toting around in a bra. Her poor shoulders.

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