My Favorite Melon: Honey Do by Vivienne Lynge

Good Saturday Morning Scribblers!  Vivienne Lynge here.   I went strawberry picking this week with my buds Katie and Suz.  Have you ever picked those little balls of lusciousness?  It’s a back-breaking, hamstring-stretching, over-bending, pain in the butt!  Literally.  My butt is sore.  You have to hunt through rotting, slightly gnawed, unripe fruit blanketed by leaves and shoots to find the goods.  Of course, the goods are very, very good.  Red all the way through, with so much more flavor than you can find at the grocery store, even this time of year.  Yum.  And worth the pain.

Whilst I was bending, stretching and breaking, I was thinking that there was likely a writing metaphor in there somewhere to be explored here today, but when I got up this morning, thinking about those berries got me thinking about my other favorite fruit: Honey Do.  No, that’s not a typo.  My household has a very long honey-do list. 

Hubby deLuxe works for an insurance company doing some kind of technical computer-y thing that makes my eyes glaze over (love you, babe!) and spends LOTS of time playing with Princess Second Grader, Jester and Minx.  That doesn’t leave much time for things like repairs, yard work and other crap like that. 

About 7 years ago (no joke!) we undertook the crazy notion to rebuild our deck.  It was necessary – the one that came with the house was very faulty.  Rusty nails and screws protruded at all angles and Princess Second Grader had just learned to walk.  Seriously.  I didn’t want her to fall and gauge herself on the rusty sharp things.  And it was improperly build and rotting.

So here we are S. E. V. E. N! years later and the deck, while functional, isn’t yet complete.  At the tippity-top of Hubby deLuxe’s to do list this weekend is to build stairs from the deck to the pool deck.  We have an above ground pool with a small deck attached for cannon-balling etc.  These last SEVEN years, we have accessed the pool via a variety of methods including standing on chairs, and risking death by using a poorly-balanced fold out ladder. 

Why have I drawn a line in the dirt on this?  Why, after seven years, am I demanding that this project be completed today and if absolutely necessary, tomorrow?  (Well – we still won’t have a railing, but the deck is only a foot off the ground.  The railing can wait.  And likely will.)  Because I’ve waited long enough and I’m not willing to wait any longer.  Hopefully by the time he reads this post on Monday, the stairs will be complete.  They’d better be…  Love you, honey!

And just to ensure that the work happens, I have scheduled play dates for Thursday and Friday of next week.  Jester and Minx’s friends have been invited over to play in the pool, along with their moms.  I will not have those mom’s defying gravity on a ladder!  And we’d better get those last couple of chemical into that giant vat of water and slide the solar cover on.  It’s pretty cold in that pool right now.

Today’s secret: My favorite fruit is not actually edible.  Watermelon might be a close second, though.  🙂 

Do you have a Honey Do list or are you more of a do-it-yourself-er?  Or, what’s your favorite fruit and why?


7 thoughts on “My Favorite Melon: Honey Do by Vivienne Lynge”

  1. I feel your angst, Viv. I have had no ceiling in my living room for about…um…seven years. My master bedroom suite continues to be a gaping whole with a dirt floor in the back of my house, and the pond planned for the back yard three years ago is a small canyon that has been taken over by sumac and raspberry briers with giant boulders scattered throughout. And don’t even get me started on the exterior of my house, which needed a paint job when we bought the place SEVEN years ago and now will need wood replaced because we’ve waited so long. Love my hubby, but he is my “I’m-gonna-guy” all the way. Being that I am all about finishing what I start, it makes me crazy to have so many incomplete projects around the house. To save my sanity, I’ve had to learn to “tune out” that which is beyond my control. I wonder if this is where the term “the seven year itch” came from?

    1. I hear you – but I don’t want to let him off the hook that easily. If finds out that I can do some of these things myself, then he’ll be even LESS likely to tackle them. i think that’s where I went wrong with washing dishes…

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