Launch Party Time!

Welcome friends, guests, and party crashers! I’m so happy to have you all here to celebrate my latest release, WESTERN DESERT, Book Two in the Chronicles of Lily Carmichael trilogy. I’ll get the business end of this gig over and done with so we can relax and have a few refreshments.

Drum roll…Curtain draws back…MC (preferably George Clooney) takes the stage, smiles and says: Without further ado…INTRODUCING PJ Sharon’s latest release!!

Thanks, George! I’ll take it from here…

Available NOW!
Available NOW!

WESTERN DESERT, Book Two in The Chronicles of Lily Carmichael trilogy, takes off where WANING MOON ends. Genetically enhanced sixteen-year-old Lily Carmichael, and seventeen-year-old Will Callahan embark on a journey across a sun-ravaged and decimated U.S. in the year 2057, bound for the Western Desert on a dangerous rescue mission. The survivors they meet along the way put Lily’s healing abilities to the test and challenge Will’s resolve to find his missing father—no matter the cost. But even with the burden of life and death on their shoulders, and the Industry hot on their trail, the greatest challenge they face is trusting their hearts to each other.





Print copies available directly from CREATE SPACE or on AMAZON

If you haven’t read Book One in the trilogy, WANING MOON, it’s available for FREE this week (June 24-28) for Kindle owners!

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Also available for FREE is SOUL REDEMPTION, the short story prequel to WANING MOON. You can download it for your e-reader from Smashwords, or read it directly on Wattpad. You won’t want to miss this dark and twisty journey into the mind of a teenager with the power of life and death in his touch. It definitely makes you wonder…what would I do?

Creepy, I know!

Let’s move on to the fun part…

Feel free to pop over to Suze’s page of treats later where you’ll find some awesome recipes for drinks (non-alcoholic ones for our YA friends), and some tasty hors d’oeuvres! But don’t forget to come back, because I have some prizes to give away.

Three of you will be chosen randomly to receive signed copies of one of my first three books. You can choose between HEAVEN IS FOR HEROES, ON THIN ICE, or SAVAGE CINDERELLA. You can find out more about these books by visiting my website’s Contemporary YA Books page. I’ll be happy to mail you your signed copy, providing you leave a valid email address in the comments below so I can contact you privately for your mailing address. Enter ie: maryjanedoe(at)emailaddress(dot)com.

You can also win a nifty swag bag with some cool Lily Carmichael items, including a wooden whistle, a lanyard, bookmarks, and a signed copy of both WANING MOON and WESTERN DESERT.

My grand prize giveaway is a NOOK Simple Touch!

It’s easy to enter. Simply leave a comment below with a valid email address if you want a single entry. For more chances to win, just let me know what you’ve done to help spread the word about my new release. Share this post to FB, twitter (or retweet any tweets with the hashtag #WesternDesert), or you can follow me on any of my social media platforms listed below. You could also sign up for my newsletter (for occasional updates). For each effort you tell me about, I’ll enter your name for another chance to win! Contest ends at midnight on June 30, and winners will be announced next Tuesday right here on the Scribes.

Hang out with me at the following places online:

Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest, Google+

So now that you have the low down on where to find my new book, connected with me at my various online hangouts, and you’ve downloaded some FREE books, pull up a chair and let’s chat. Don’t forget to grab a beverage and a snack and leave your comments, an email address, and what you’ve done to enter for the prizes. I’ll be posting some excerpts today in the comments section below, and look forward to you sharing your questions, responses, and thoughts.

I love a simple bouquet of flowers for a center piece, don’t you? As a conversation starter, tell me what books have you most been looking forward to reading this summer? Any new releases coming out soon that you are dying to get your hands on? Come on, people, dishing about books is what we do around here. Let’s get this party started!

27 thoughts on “Launch Party Time!”

    1. Thanks, Sugar. Back at you! Yours is one of the “must reads” of the summer for me. I can’t wait for DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD. I have it on pre-order already!

  1. I promised excerpts so here’s the opening to WESTERN DESERT.

    “Are you trying to get us killed already? We haven’t even left Stanton yet.” Will gripped the dashboard as the Rover skidded to a stop in front of Higgins Market.

    “I’ll get the hang of it.” I jammed the shifter into park and turned to my shaggy blonde passenger. “It’s not like you could do better.”

    “It doesn’t look that hard, you’re just…” His voice trailed off as we both swung our heads toward the tall, dark skinned boy coming out of the butcher shop down the street. Josh Johnson stalked our way. With the tinted windows in the Rover, he probably couldn’t see us, but the nasty smirk on his face said he knew we were inside. Will shook his head. “Just what we need.”

    Will Callahan and Josh Johnson had faced off more than once, often on account of me, and the last time the face-off ended in Will taking a bullet that almost cost him his life. I shuddered at the memory of nearly losing him only weeks before. Even with my genetic enhancements that gave me the ability to heal people, I had limitations—most of which I was still figuring out. I’d had to make the decision whether to heal Will and his bullet wound, or use my ability to heal Josh’s father, the local constable who’d had his head smashed in by an Industry agent. Joe Johnson had been trying to keep the agents from taking his youngest son Tyler and my brother Zephron to Industry Headquarters in the Western Desert—a fate that had us all worried sick. Will, much to my frustration and Josh’s surprise, had insisted that I use my ability to heal Mr. Johnson, knowing full well I might not have enough power left in me to save him too. Josh owed me—and Will—but I had low expectations of whether he’d keep that in mind. The new firearm strapped to Josh’s side gave me reason to doubt.

    If you read WANING MOON, you’ll remember that Josh is nothing but trouble for Lily, and aside from Lily’s driving, Josh is probably the next biggest threat to Will in WESTERN DESERT. These teens are in for a bumpy ride!

  2. How exciting! Good luck – got you posted, tweeted, and Facebooked. As far as new releases, I just finished Sarah Dessen’s latest “The Moon and More,” and now I’m in Sarah Ockler’s newest “The Book of Broken Hearts.” Guess “Sarah” is my June theme? Again, best wishes for a successful launch day!

    1. Thanks, Casey! Did you check out Suze’s recipes for today’s party. I’m looking forward to trying the Orange-Strawberry cooler. It sounds like something that will go well with the tequila I brought to the party. And no, you can’t have any until later. It’s much too early in the day for that…

  3. Now, I know you all love romance, so I’m posting part of one of Lily and Will’s “almost” moments.

    Will retreated, his hand drawn to his mouth as if trying to hold onto the kiss. His face and neck were splotched with red and his eyes blazed with an intensity that both frightened and gripped me with anticipation. I ran my hands through my hair, trying to catch my breath and tame the mess he had made of the already uneven layers. I shook off the shock of the experience and allowed the meaning to seep into my soul. Part of me wanted to believe these feelings were true and real…maybe even love, but the other part—the part that still wondered if Will could ever let me in completely, jumped to make light of the moment.

    “Wow, if that was a thank you, I’m definitely going to be nicer to you more often.”

    I don’t know about you, but I love a good “thank you” kiss from a guy<3

    What is the weirdest reason you've ever been kissed?

  4. Well of course I need to read Western Desert. 🙂 And I have lots of other YA books in the to-be-read stack, including Gillian Larkin’s Vixen and Christina Rowell’s Salvation, No Kissing Required. Great launch party, thanks for inviting me! 🙂

  5. Happy release! Including your book, looking forward to twisted perfection by Abbi Glines

    Signed up for newsletter

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  6. I’ve been a busy girl this afternoon while there was a lull at the party. I baked a homemade pizza, handled a few emergency patients today, and had a lovely dinner with my neighbors. It was amazing to hear the rain move through the trees, thundering toward us until it dumped a torrent on the roof of my neighbors house as we sat out on a screened in deck. The smell of the rain and the crispness it brought with it, left me breathless. Amid the excitement of launching my fifth book in under two years, it was good to take a moment to be present in the simple beauty of nature.

  7. Congratulations! Like I always say, you’re so efficient, organized, and productive, and I love your books! I’ve read On Thin Ice, Savage Cinderella, and Heaven is for Heroes, but I haven’t read Waning Moon, so I’m off to pick up my copy now. Then I’ll add Western Desert to my TBR list! I just finished reading I So Don’t Do Mysteries by Barrie Summy which was incredibly funny. If you want a light, humorous, paranormal mystery, she’s got you covered. Meanwhile, I’ll send out some tweets for you, PJ!

  8. Reblogged this on TeacherWriter and commented:
    PJ Sharon is an amazing author whose writing flows like silk, but grips you tight till the end. I admire her because she’s not afraid to break boundaries and she’s so supportive of fellow writers. In honor of her latest release, she’s giving away WANING MOON, the first in her Chronicles of Lily Carmichael trilogy. Click the link to head over to her post and find out all the details about her books and her prize giveaway!

    1. Oh my gosh, Suzanne, thanks so much for doing that. You went above and beyond! I appreciate your support and especially the vote of confidence, but when someone describes me as “efficient and organized” I look around the room and say, “Who me?” I fly by the seat of my pants like everyone else most days:-) I’m just glad I’m not in it alone! Thanks for being here.

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