How Many Misfortunate Cookies Can There Be?

Happy Friday! Casey here!

IMG_2294So, it’s been a busy week in my household. Last Friday, my youngest son graduated from high school (my baby!!) and earlier this week he also obtained his driver’s license. Long time readers may remember that he started driving last summer.

Oh my, how time flies.

Just last year, I wrote this over at my blog:

Finally, I’m ready to share the scoop on my latest book. But first, a bit of back story. Radiance was the very book I ever attempted to write way back in 1997. Being a brand spanking new writer, I had no idea what I was doing. I spent years and years writing scenes with no rhyme or reason.

Eventually, I set it aside out of sheer frustration and moved onto other stories. Because Radiance was the first one, it’s always bothered me that I never finished the story.

I know, I know. There’s a reason those first books stay in a box under the bed. But I couldn’t let her go.

Last year I began the process of re-imagining the book. I chucked out virtually the entire plot and went back to my heroine and what I loved best about her. I titled the new version, Devil’s Advocate and got to work plotting. And promptly became snarled in a tangled mess.

My first thought was – I will never get this story right. I took a break and started plotting Zephyr’s book and dealing with Galen’s mess.

Then in 2012, after a mental head slap, I realized that the story was too big. I needed to step back and break it down. So Devil’s Advocate became book 2 in a three book series.

Mind freed, I spent April plotting book 1. In May, I began writing. It was slow going at first, then my friend Susannah Hardy issued one of her famous writing challenges, this time in the form of writing sprints. By June, I was on fire banging out 2,000 – 3,000 words a day. I finished the last week in June and the first draft has been cleaned up, ready to send to my valued first readers.

So, I present to you Misfortune Cookie!

When Radiance Ashworth inherits the family fortune and a nasty supernatural curse, life as she knows it is over forever. Instead of luxurious pampering, she’s stuck chasing wayward spirits and sending them back to the Hereafter. Her new normal consists of ectoplasmic goo, bruises, and ruined clothes.

Fortunately, she doesn’t have to navigate the supernatural world alone. Luca, sexy, confident, and so damn tempting, is happy to guide her – if she’d only accept his help. She quickly learns how much she needs his assistance just to stay alive, when a Jiang Shi – a vengeful Chinese spirit – starts systematically murdering the city’s elite business leaders. While the Jiang Shi proves to be a formidable opponent, Radiance finds the growing attraction between her and Luca to be even scarier.

At the time, I thought I had a pretty cool name for my book but, to be sure, I went to Amazon and searched for similar titles.

Not a misfortune cookie in sight.

Well, guess what? Now, there a couple of adult novels with the same name: a contemporary romance, a murder mystery and, later this year, another urban fantasy.

So much for my clever name. But, you know, I don’t care. My publisher likes the name and I like it.

So – coming early 2014 from Soul Mate Publishing – MISFORTUNE COOKIE by Casey Wyatt!!

Finally, after all these years, my original character will see the light of day. Yay!

The Scribes have addressed duplicate titles before (here, here and here). What do you think? Does it hurt or help to share the same title with more than one book?



16 thoughts on “How Many Misfortunate Cookies Can There Be?”

  1. Yee haw! Casey, Congratulations again. You are on fire, woman! And you’ve given me new hope that my story THE AMULET might yet be resurrected. It was the second book I wrote and it had a lot of technical problems so I scrapped it, but it has a solid plot and I love the character and premise. So many books to write…so little time!

    As for repeat titles, you know I can get behind that…ever heard of a book named ON THIN ICE anyone? There are about twenty of them, including one by Cherry Adair. The danger is that when someone looks up a common title, unless yours is a best seller, it won’t show up on the first search page. Or the second or third either. I think you’re safe with a title like yours, though. There might be a couple of them, but there won’t likely be a deluge, LOL.

    1. I’ve had a few stories where I knew the title from the moment I had the book idea (Mystic Ink, The Undead Space Initiative), but others, I’ve changed the title many, many times. But you know, we have to call them something so we can at least save our Word documents!

    1. Shh… no giving away secrets! And I’m glad you enjoyed it. I can’t believe last year, at this time, I was finishing it up. Amazing. Right now, I have two books in their beginning chapters and I hope to get one of them done by the fall (we’ll see). Maybe it’s time for you to issue another challenge. hint… hint.

  2. Congratulations! It is amazing that you will have another book published! so glad for you and congratulations on graduation of second son!

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