Revisions Revisions

Hey there, Sugar here.

I’m deep into revisions for THROWN FOR A CURVE, which will be hitting the shelves in February. Revisions are due TODAY! AHHH! So this post is going to be super short. But I thought I would update you on what’s going on in my crazy life.

I saw the cover for THROWN FOR A CURVE. I love it. It’s pretty girly heaven.

I got my very first review. It was awesome. I was worried that when people read the cover description of DANGEROUS CURVES AHEAD that they wouldn’t get what the book is really about. But this reviewer really got the story I was trying to tell. Click here to read it.

I’m busy planning an event featuring writers from St. Martin’s Press. More details soon!

I’m going to Maine on Saturday! Look out lobster here I come!

RWA in Atlanta is coming up shortly. I’m so excited. I finally am going to meet my editor and some of the authors I have adored for years.

Dangerous Curves Ahead sold in Italy! I got my contract Saturday.

I went to my friend TL Costa’s book signing. PLAYING TYLER is just an awesome book. Go get it.

Life is getting exciting on my end. Tell me some good news about you.


One thought on “Revisions Revisions”

  1. Awesome review–the first of many, I suspect:-) Great job, Sugar and way to go on the Italian contract (although that makes you sound like a mob hit woman). Looking forward to reading DC as soon as it comes to my Kindle!

    After last week’s launch, I’m taking a short time-out to breathe and get my head in the game for Book Three in the Lily Carmichael trilogy. Of course, this weekend is the multi-author book signing at the Enfield Fourth of July celebration, so I’ll be hanging out on my hometown Green with Katy Lee, Marian Lanouette, Rebecca Rose, Jen Moncuse, and I think Tracy Costa as well as a few others. I’ll be posting about it tomorrow for the full line-up.

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