Go Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July, my lovelies! Suze here, wishing you a wonderful day full of family, friends, food, and fireworks.

You can ring my be-e-e-e-ll, ring my bell. Just not this one!
You can ring my be-e-e-e-ll, ring my bell. Just not this one!

Here’s a link to some interesting factoids about Independence Day (click here). Did you know that three presidents died on July 4? (John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe–Adams and Jefferson died within hours of each other in 1826) How about that President Coolidge and first daughter Malia Obama are both Yankee Doodle Dandies, born on the Fourth of July? Or that the Liberty Bell, which cannot be rung for fear of cracking it further, is tapped thirteen times on July 4 to signal that other bells across the country can be rung?

So what will I be doing today? I didn’t get invited to any barbeques, and I’ve been way too busy to plan my own, so the family and I are staying home. I’ll probably work on my manuscript, read a little, throw some burgers and dogs on the grill, and go to the fireworks display in a nearby city tonight. Or I may crash my neighbor’s party (pretty sure they won’t mind, they have a pool, and the food is a lot better than it would be at my house!)

Tomorrow, we’re headed up to Vermont to spend a couple of days. Can I make a travel suggestion? The Fairlee Motel in Fairlee, VT is a roadside motel with a bonus–behind the motel is a drive-in movie theater. Each of the motel rooms has a large picture window facing the screen, as well as speakers. So you can watch the double feature from the bugless comfort of your room, or bring lawn chairs and sit outside. They have a superior snack bar too! This mom-and-pop shop has a problem, though. Beginning next year, they will unable to get films on 35mm and so their current projector will be obsolete. A new digital projector costs $70,000, so fundraising efforts are underway. You can help by visiting the drive-in, buying a cool poster or tee shirt, or just sending a few bucks. (Click here)

Some other exciting news: This weekend, I’ll be doing my first ever public author event! The Enfield, Connecticut July 4th celebration takes place this weekend. More than twenty local authors will be represented on Saturday and Sunday, July 6 and 7. I’ll be there most of the day on Sunday, so please stop by and say hello!  I won’t have a book to sign for you, unfortunately, but I’d love to see some friendly faces. Here’s a link to the event. Hope to see you there!

What are you doing to celebrate Independence Day?



4 thoughts on “Go Fourth!”

  1. Fun and entertaining facts!

    I’m looking forward to the signing this weekend, Suze. It should be heaps of fun:-) I’m celebrating today waiting for delivery a new mattress (long overdue), and a quiet day of reading and writing…two of my favorite things. I might throw on a veggie burger later, but my days of potato salad and hot dogs are pretty much over. I may, however, take a sweet paddle in my kayak this afternoon.

      1. I’m hoping so, Katy. I’ve been sleeping on a bed of nails for years (a hard mattress that my husband bought before we got together). It has never been comfortable for me, but the dip my hips fell into this past year was the final straw. I figured while hubby’s away, I’ll invest in a new one. Hope he likes it:-) If not, I’ll offer him a piece of ply wood on the floor. I bet he loves the new mattress.

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