Act of Faith

Thea Devine today, just back from Atlanta, and thinking how everything concerned with writing is an act of faith. You’re born with it, I’m convinced, or why else would you at some point sit yourself down at a computer and start to write?

You have faith you have the talent, that you have the power to create characters with all their foibles and flaws, conflicts, motivations and consequences. You have absolute faith you can mix up that brew into some kind of plot.

And with all that faith, you start to write a book. Faith drives those opening chapters where you set up the problems and possible solutions and obstructions. You know you can solve any fictional problem, you have faith. Even in the depths of that sagging middle, you have faith.

And when you’re hurtling toward the end — faith. You’re going to get it done. You’re going to have your beta readers or your critique partners read it, with faith they will love it as much as you do.

Then, you take a huge leap of faith and submit. With faith the project will sell. And if it doesn’t, with faith that it will.

We writers live on the edge of a dangerously amorphous cliff called faith. My guess is, we’d never have it any other way.

What do you think? Is it faith or insanity that drives us? Have you ever lost faith?

Thea Devine is currently working on her next erotic romance. She’ll be speaking at the NJRWA Put Your Heart in a Book Conference in October, and is delighted that five of her backlist titles (the westerns) are now available in Kindle editions.


5 thoughts on “Act of Faith”

  1. Well, I have faith you can write a wonderful fun sexy books! I’ve turned several of my friends in to your fans. As for myself I think its faith mixed with a heathy dose of insanity that keep me motivated. That and knowing people like you. Thanks for your books and this blog.

  2. Faith is a tricky thing, Thea. The definition of faith is “believing what you cannot see will come to pass.” But the definition of fear is the same: “believing what you cannot see will come to pass.” The two are in constant battle with each other and it is up to us as humans (and writers) to choose which we will set our intention on. The writer who completes a manuscript, has the courage to send it out into the world, and the tenacity to keep trying in the face of rejection or bad reviews is the one who is acting on faith and not allowing the fear to dictate their actions. Faith is empowering, while fear is paralyzing. I’m a big believer that faith always wins out in the end!

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