A Little Bit About Author Photos

This is my author photo. Scribes auhtor photos

This is me on a regular day. No makeup my hair tied back. Everday me

When I was at RWA in Atlanta this year. I looked somewhere in between the two photos. I think I look like my author photo. I’m a little thinner now than I was in the picture but you can still tell that that’s me. Right? Well, I had two (TWO!) people tell me that I looked much better in person than I did in my pictures. To which I thought (WTF!) hmm….

I thought I looked pretty good in my author picture. Okay, so I wasn’t really happy with my hair that day but I like it. And at least those two people did recognize my from my picture alone.

While I was in Atlanta this year I saw a lot of the authors that I have read throughout the years and many many of them looked NOTHING like their photos.

These were the common offensives that I noticed…

Author photos that were taken twenty years ago. I know professional pictures can be costly but you don’t want anybody to say, “Damn she looks old in person.”

Gained or lost massive amounts of weight. Goes without saying. Weight changes affect your looks drastically. I know we often don’t want to be photographed when we aren’t looking our best, but there is nothing wrong with representing yourself the way you are.

Super glamour shots. I’m all for a little glam. Hell, I’m all for a lot of glam. But unless you’re going to go around glammed up keep it real.

Other than that, everybody looked great. What do yout think? What advice would you give about author photos.


4 thoughts on “A Little Bit About Author Photos”

  1. I’m with you on “keeping it real” in our author photos. As a reader, I want to meet the person who wrote the book. That person. Not an idyllic image. Even Hollywood movie stars don’t go around glammed up all the time. Great post!

  2. Great question Sugar. The real world does use photos from the beginning of a career, no matter the career. And today, with Photoshop, they take out so many wrinkles the pics defy the current image. Looks aside, the most important part of an image are the eyes. Do your eyes say who you are? The eyes are the crux of a good photo, young, old, or in-between. Make sure your photo shows your eyes. Crop out what you don’t like, but leave those eyes. Front or side doesn’t matter if they show. They are the truth.

  3. The purpose of an author photo in my opinion Iis to put a “face” to your work and make you memorable to your readers. You will use your author photo for all kinds of promo so you want it to stand outand reflect your brand. My advice is to yes, keep it real, but don’t be afraid to wear a bright color and hairstyle that compliments you and reflects your personality as well as your writer’s voice.

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