Writer’s Cave, Here I Come! by Katy Lee

It’s crunch time. With a deadline looming for my third Love Inspired Suspense novel I need to say goodbye to my family and friends. I need to bid adieu to my social life. (Ha…like I have one of those anyway, but if felt good to say.) I need to prepare my home for a disappearing mama. But I can’t just hole myself into a room with no preparation. So here is my checklist before I shut that door.

1) Food Shopping – My pantry is stocked with easy meals the kids and husband can makeFODR-00015873-001 on their own. If they’re at a loss, there is always cereal. I bought thirteen boxes of their favorite varieties. And of course, I bought chocolate for me.



list2) The house is clean and chore lists are given out. I do love writing those lists. It could be the writer in me, or it could be the fact that I’m getting a month off. Yippee!


3) Special one-on-one time with each child, and of course husband, has been dispersed. Love banks are full.cats


a sign4) The talk has been given. The sign is in place. You know the sign. Do not disturb unless someone is bleeding…a lot. They’ve been reminded that a closed door means I love you.



5) My Whack-a-Doubt Monster club is by my chair. I’ve batprepared well. I’m ready to go. I’m sure not going to let that creepy thing ruin it all. Nuh-Uh. No way.

That’s all, folks. I’ll see you all on the other side. But please do tell if you have something to add. Is there a certain thing you do to make your cave experience a success?


9 thoughts on “Writer’s Cave, Here I Come! by Katy Lee”

      1. Uh, huh. If you really want to write fast, put blah, blah in bold where you know you have to check your facts and keep on going. Then when you’ve utterly depleted your well of words for the day, go do your “research”. Or…you can do what I do and say “I’ve written a scene. I’ll just ‘quickly’ check emails while I take a break.” Only…then I hear that line from Princess Bride. “I don’t think that word means what you think it means.” 🙂

  1. I need to find a cave too! September, baby. It’s a new beginning with the kids going to school for the full day via bus. That’s 7.5 hours a day for me. I’ve been busy finding a reasonable way to carve that up and get my four main area’s of focus in focus – health, day job, housework & dream job. I think I’ve got a plan that will work – now I just need to work the plan. And survive the last 30 days until Kindergarten starts!

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