The Author Bio

Happy Wednesday readers,

Today, I’m writing about the Author bio and discussing it’s importance. Or, questioning if it is important at all. By a show of hands, how many of you read the author’s bio?  I ask this because I’m working on my own. I paused to consider what did I want my bio to say about me. How much was I comfortable revealing to the public at large? Does a reader really care about where I went to college?

After several revisions, I came up with this:

Jennifer Fusco is the author of the bestselling series, MARKET OR DIE, marketing books for writers. A fourteen year marketing veteran and a former Marketing Manager for General Electric, Mrs. Fusco is the owner of Market or Die Author Services, LLC, a publicity company focused on marketing romance authors.

She attended William Peace University and North Carolina State University, graduating with a degree in English, and has worked as a waitress, a hospital “unit helper” in a maternity ward, and sold lawn care services prior to selling her soul to corporate America. Redemption came in the form of a lay-off package and gave her the freedom to write full-time.

Jennifer lives in Florida with her husband, young son and three legged dog, Grissom, and enjoys the hot Florida sun whenever she can. (skin cancer, be damned.) BEHIND CLOSED DOORS is her first contemporary romance novel. She is hard at work on her next.

So- what do you think?  Too much?  Too little?  I could really use your help.


3 thoughts on “The Author Bio”

  1. Overall, it looks good, Jennifer. You might want to reword some of the first paragraph (you used the word market or marketing 6x), probably too many for one paragraph. Might also want to get rid of the “skin cancer be damned” comment as this is a pretty awful and serious disease for people who actually have it. Otherwise, nice job:-) make sure you have a 50 word short bio, a medium length one at 100-150 words, and then a lengthier 300 word version. You’ll be asked for each depending on the venue.

  2. I really like the second 2 paragraphs, but maybe focus on who you are as a person and less about what you did or do for a living. Like if you love chocolate or can’t live without zombie movies or you collect stuffed pickles. Or when or why you decided you wanted to be a writer. Does that make sense? And what kind of contemporary romance, Steamy? Funny? Sweet?
    I’m no expert, but it’s something to think about.

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