Dancin’ With the Scribes


Hi, loves, Suze here, keeping it brief so I can keep working on my Everest-like to-do list.

Do you have times like that? When everything is piling up and you’re feeling overwhelmed? I know I do. I’m finishing up two big projects (including turning in Book 1 to my editor early next week!), starting a new thang (Project Suze, which I will tell you about soon), researching so I can make a decision about a new car, and preparing to go away for the weekend. Add to that getting The Crown Prince ready for a new school year as well as a very heavy workload at the day job, and you can see why I’m burning the candle at both ends for the next couple of weeks. It’s okay, really. Sleep, clean laundry, and vacuuming are highly overrated.

Seriously, though, one of my favorite stress-busters is to put on some music and dance (usually while the menfolk are away–it’s too embarrassing for them).

So today, let’s just take a break at some point and dance! Get up from your computer, move around, and shake your tail feather. I promise you’ll feel better. Here are three of my all-time favorite dance songs (and yes, I’m aware that I’m dating myself here!). Just click on the titles!

What I Like About You — The Romantics

Should I Stay or Should I Go — The Clash

Rock Lobster — The B52’s

Party on, Scribelings. What are your favorite dance tune(s)?




6 thoughts on “Dancin’ With the Scribes”

  1. Awesome tune pics for a pick-me-up, Suze. I used to dance around the house more often. These days I sing during my breaks. Nothing like an Italian aria to get the breath moving and boost your energy:-) I think my workouts with Jillian are enough exercise that I’m not missing out on the boogie sessions.

    In regards to feeling overwhelmed…uh…yeah. It seems to be part of a global shift that has everyone pretty much over-committed, over-burdened, and overwhelmed. Folks are kind of in “freaking out” mode lately, and it only seems to be worsening.

    My remedy is to breathe, be present in the moment, and hold the space (pray) for the planet to survive the growing pains and persevere. And yes, I believe, as John Lennon did, that “all you need is love”.

    (Of course a personal assistant wouldn’t hurt:-)

  2. My everyday walk does wonders. The lake in my little community is gorgeous all the time. Yesterday I took pictures of South African birds settled on a huge tree branch in the water and shared it on my Facebook page. We sometimes walk in the evening. I listen to wonderful music most of the day. Thanks for a great blog.

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