Reach Out To An Author by Katy Lee

Greetings. Hello. Dear So-and-So. All perfectly good ways to start a message or letter to an author you have enjoyed reading. As I stated a few weeks back, I am in my writing cave. My proposal is due this week, and I am finally nearing completion. Yay!

As writers, we use the word “cave” because essentially writing is an isolated calling, and we have to close ourselves off to get the book done. There are days I would love to go out with some friends and hang out, or go to the movies with my kids, but I have to say no and close my door. I can start to feel lonely and question why am I doing this?

Then the letters and messages come. Little notes that start with Hello, you don’t know me, but…  Or Dear Ms. Lee… Or WOW! Your book made me cry!  I know I shouldn’t derive joy from someone’s tears, but I consider that phrase a success.

Anyway, I just want to encourage readers to send those notes and emails. Don’t hesitate to write them because you think you are bothering the author.  You’re not. In fact, you’re reminding them of why they’re closing that door, but at the same time you’re including them in the land of the living. You’re making that cave not so isolated anymore.

The Unlocked Secret: Go ahead. Write those notes. They are a blessing, encouraging, and they make it all worth it.  And, on behalf of all authors, thank you for reaching out.

Question:  Have you ever reached out to an author?


2 thoughts on “Reach Out To An Author by Katy Lee”

  1. Katy, what a lovely post. I agree there is a tendency to stay away from an author for fear of invading the busy mind and life of a writer. Especially if we know they are in their caves. Thank you for the heads-up about the joy you get from your reader’s letters, whenever they arrive.

  2. You are so right, katy. When I’m feeling isolated, overwhelmed with writerly to-do’s, need a break from writing, or just need a boost to keep me going, I pop on over to Wattpad and check out the wonderful comments from readers about how much they are enjoying Savage Cinderella. It’s so important for us to be reminded that our writing makes a difference to people. Thanks for a great post!

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