Marian Lanouette on Mentors

Hi Guys:  We have a great guest today.  CTRWA’s own, Marian Lanouette.

WELCOME MARIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi folks, Marian Lanouette here. When Jennifer Fusco asked me to guest post today, I had to think long and hard on a subject. I racked my brain trying to find a subject that entertained both readers and writers. Mentorships popped into my head.

Throughout my life I’ve had many mentors. Some great, some I can’t even remember their names. Maybe at the time they didn’t realize they were mentors, but they definitely were to me. Laugh if you’d like, but my kindergarten teacher Ms. Portney was the first if you don’t count my Mom. She encouraged each student and never lost her cool.

Move forward a few years and my third grade teacher Mrs. Wright became my favorite teacher of all time. I attended catholic schools and sometimes a slower student can get left behind the others. Mrs. Wright made sure that didn’t happen. One of the smartest students in class picked on another student. A student you didn’t grasp the concept being taught right away. She made fun of her for a wrong answer when she was called upon to answer. Mrs. Wright immediately chastised that student and created the one on one hour each day. What was the one on one hour? Well, the class’s most brilliant students were paired with students who had difficulty in a subject. Say you were brilliant in math, than for that hour you tutored a fellow student who wasn’t. I excelled in her class and carried her lesson with me along in life. When I moved forward in my career and supervised a staff, I made sure to teach them what I had learned along the way.

Many years later, I found myself being mentor again. I feel I’m at the beginning of my writing career and look forward to many years of writing. I now have three books published and I’m working on two more. I would not have been published this soon in my career if it wasn’t for my mentor, Thea and the writing groups that nurtured me along the way. I’ve found writers as a whole to be the most giving, friendliest group of people I’ve ever met. In the CTRWA each member celebrates not only their successes but they celebrate yours too.

IfIFail_500 final galley 3

If you are a writer, an artist, a photographer, a teacher or even if you’re unsure where you’re heading, seek out a mentor so you too can grow to your full potential. I still seek out mentors as well as mentor others.

Sharing knowledge, increases yours while making friends that last a lifetime.

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One of ten children, Marian took to writing to explore new and adventurous places. While her friends traveled on planes for vacation, Marian traveled in books. With an overactive imagination she started creating her own characters and stories. If I Fail, A Jake Carrington Mystery is the first book in the series

. Her second book in the series, Burn in Hell is now available. This month she released a novella called As the World Ends.

An avid reader, she discovered mysteries by reading the Daily News as a youngster.


Intrigued by the real life crimes, and how the police worked and eventually solved them, ignited her imagination beyond the ordinary.

Marian has many books planned for Jake Carrington and his crew. The third book in the series Mated for Life will be out sometime in 2014.

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18 thoughts on “Marian Lanouette on Mentors”

  1. Hi Marian – Hugs;) I love this subject…I’ve also had many mentors along my life journey, but for my writing career there was someone in the very beginning that made a difference – a college professor from NM – we met on line because I wanted an editor for a novel that I thought was ready for submission – she hung right in there with me through the whole process – and even though I had a mountain of rejections for this novel…my mentor encouraged, supported, inspired and motivated me to keep writing. She was a turning point for me…she actually helped me make the decision of sticking it out, doing what I loved doing…and led me to books and workshops to help hone my craft (which she also did for me).

    When my husband and I went on a trip out west in 2007 – we took a little detour so I could meet my mentor…it was one of the warmest, most touching moments of my life. And, I’m sure she has no idea what an impact she had on my writing career.

  2. Wonderful story about your grade school teacher, Marian. What a brilliant idea! I used to do the same thing when I taught skating–assigned the older, more advanced kids to work with the younger ones for fifteen minutes of the lesson time. I’ve found teaching to be the best way to reinforce a learned skill. Being a mentor can be as rewarding and educational as being a student. I’ve had several mentors along the way in life. During my many years in the PT world, I had the great honor of working with some of the best therapists ever! I credit my success in my my massage business to the skills I learned during those years.

    When I began writing, Carol, a retired high school English teacher, was one of my clients. She became an invaluable resource for critiquing my work and later became my editor. I owe everything I know about misplaced modifiers to her:-) I try to pass on the support and mentorship I’ve received to other writers, and find that volunteering at the public library where I grew up is the most rewarding experience for me. The teen writers I work with there are amazing and brilliant. They teach me something new every month!

    1. Awesome, PJ. I loved when I mentor for the Literary Society and taught adults to read. It was a great feeling. I never thought I’d be a mentor to another writer but I volunteered this year and I learned a lot. LOL

  3. Great topic, Marian. I would never have finished a fiction book worthy of publication without the guidance of my CTRWA mentor, Toni. I try to return the favor by helping others when I can though our chapters mentorship program.

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