Who Would You Eat With?

Hi there, Sugar here. I saw some blog post where some author was blogging about five authors she would like to share a meal with. And in the comment section other writers shared who they might like to dine with. I saw a lot of Tolkien, CS Lewis and Austin.

I’m not so deep. If I could pick one author it would probably be Jade Lee, because frankly she cracks me up. Sherry Thomas is pretty awesome too. I like Christian Dodd. Her Facebook posts about her mini Stonehenge interest me. Beverly Jenkins makes me laugh. I could probably sit and talk to her for hours. Stephen Kings weirds me out a little. Maybe I wouldn’t share a whole meal with him. Maybe just some coffee, in a well lit place. With lots of people around. I would love to chat with J.K Rowling just to see where she plans to take her writing next.

What about you? Who would you like to dine with?


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