Meet the New Girl

Happy Friday. Casey here. Not a long post today since I am almost at the end of Mystic Hero’s first draft.

We’ve expanded our furry family again. This is our newest kitty, Ariel. Isn’t she a sweetie pie?


We adopted her from Mary’s Kitty Korner (a wonderful organization dedicated to saving cats). She is still getting used to living with us. She spends her days with older son, in his spacious room receiving chin rubs and playing catch the laser dot. She’s also been exploring the house and getting to know our other two kitties.


Next time you want a new pet, please consider adopting an adult cat or dog from a rescue group.

The King and Queen still reign supreme.

How about you? Have you ever rescued a pet from a shelter? If not, what’s holding you back?


6 thoughts on “Meet the New Girl”

  1. Beautiful eyes! She’s adorable, Casey. So happy for you and for her. I’ve always acquired my pets from rescue shelters. They seem to develop a special bond with their rescuers as if they have the understanding that their lives have been spared by the kindness of this stranger who has given them a second chance. It’s a beautiful thing! Congrats!

    1. Thanks PJ! I totally agree about them being appreciative.The two girls were both rescued from NYC animal shelters and they are both sweeties. I don’t know how someone could have given them up! Boggles the mind.To me, pets are like having kids, they are your responsibility for life. Period.

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