There’s No Time Like Fall!

TGIF!! Another Friday is upon us. Casey here.

Friends, I am so close to finishing the first draft of Mystic Hero, I can taste it!! And no, it’s not ready for anyone to read yet. So forgive me, as I don’t have a lot to say today. 


While I finish, I’m sharing some of my favorite fall photographs taken over the last few years.


Most of these are from Old Sturbridge Village. My happy place! Enjoy!

Yankee Candle, Deerfield MA

Where are your happy places? C’mon don’t be shy, share!!


6 thoughts on “There’s No Time Like Fall!”

  1. My go-to outdoor place in the fall is Powder Hollow park in Hazardville. I’ve been drawn to the Scantic river ever since I was a kid. My brother and I used to hike there through the woods from our house in Southwood acres. It was always an adventure and the reward was the beautiful rushing falls, trails covered in brightly colored leaves, and the crisp air and sunshine. We would climb on the remnants of the old stone bridges and imagine a time when Col. Hazard and his powder mill were supplying most of the civil war soldiers with their gun powder.

    I recently discovered that my grandfather died (presumably committed suicide) and was found in the culvert between two of the outlying ponds in Powder Hollow. My brother and I hiked down there together for the first time in thirty years and found the culvert, long gone dry. it was a bit surreal to stand in the spot where 79 years ago this month, the grandfather we never knew was found there dead. Spooky stuff…and humbling. We took a moment of remembrance for him and pondered if he wasn’t the reason we were drawn to the Hollows in the first place.

    1. Wow, PJ! I’m sorry to hear about your grandfather but, yes, that is spooky and compelling. I like Powder Hollow too. All the old buildings (or what’s left of them) and the falls, it is a nice area.

  2. We love our cabin in the north woods, especially in the fall. Unfortunately, we aren’t going to make it during leaf season this year, but we’ll be there at Thanksgiving. I also love the beach–any beach, any time of year.

    1. Have fun at the cabin! And I agree about the beach. In fact, I actually like visiting on cloudy days because hardly anyone is there and you feel like you have the place to yourself.

  3. We love to be home. It’s always a treat in our busy lives, to just enjoy our space, our grounds with the huge pot of bright yellow mums, and the still blooming pinks on the vine. And soon to start up, our wood stove and the aroma of hot chocolate and fresh brewed coffee. Marvelous.

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