Do I Really Need Another Book? Really?

Well, people, it’s that time of the year — the semi-annual Ridgefield Friends of the Library Book sale in about two weeks. Now you might wonder, after all I’ve written about the masses of books in my house, how I could even entertain the idea about buying more (don’t tell — I bought a book today, full price). Especially after John pointed out for the umptieth time that no one else decorates their hallway with piles of books (that would be my to-be-read pile, mentioned in a previous post), and just when did I think I’d get to read them all (probably never, but I can’t take that chance).

I actually think I’ve shown admirable restraint. There were two other Friends’ sponsored book sales in nearby towns within the last month which I did NOT go to. And I sent a box of books to a neighbor in Maine, as well as donated two boxes to our library. Isn’t that enough?

You might ask, with a sky high to-be-read pile, as well as research books to pore over, and my own novels to write, what on earth could I need or want to read? Well, more suspense, for one thing; new authors I could fall in love with, biographies, diaries, grandson-oriented books — there’s no dearth of things that interest me. Plus all that benefits my library and the Friends, for whom I was recording secretary for several years.

So of course I have to go to the Book Sale. And buy. Generously. I’ll find room. I can always squeeze in another book I’m sure nobody will notice another half dozen books on the hallway pile.

Anyway, it’s my pleasure. Really.

Can you resist a book sale? Does your husband have feelings about your stockpile of books? Did you notice I never mentioned Kindle?

Thea Devine is currently working on a contemporary erotic romance. She will be speaking at the NJRWA Put Your Heart In A Book Conference this weekend.


3 thoughts on “Do I Really Need Another Book? Really?”

  1. My husband is the romance reader collector in this family. I read the books he gets and he is the one to put them away. We both have Kindles now, and that has given him some means of control. I began this journey with a thousand books in my Library of Congress, so I was already in deep piles of books. Books sales, it doesn’t matter, just keep me out of the bookstores. These days Amazon get all our business anyway, it a great way to control the book appetite. It’s when I hold them that I must buy. I understand completely Thea. And most think that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

  2. I think what saves me is my disdain for clutter and the fact that I have such limited reading time. My Kindle is full of TBR’s, but if i see a book at BN that i must have, I’ll pick it up. I don’t generally go out of my way to go to book sales however. That would just be too tempting. Have a wonderful time at the NJ conference, Thea!

    1. Thanks, Paula. I wish I could control the book impulse to buy — but there it is — even with all my promises to myself that I’ll declutter and donate. I won’t even talk about the “keepers.”


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